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I’m back to select an Anime Holy Grail War Archer. If you need a reminder about this Anime Holy Grail War scenario, I invite you to take a look back at my introduction and then the second article. Captain Levi (Saber) and Pyrrha Nikos (Lancer) make up the first two parts of our team. It […]
Tanabata is a yearly celebration in Japan that stretches back to the 8th century. It gets the more colloquial name of Star Festival from the observing of the stars Vega and Altair. The mythology goes that these two star crossed lovers began to neglect their heavenly duties. The punishment from the gods put the Milky […]
Anime dads are few and far between. Generally speaking, good anime parents are a rare commodity. Between absent (or dead) parents and those other useless adults, it was a challenge to come up with these few anime dads that deserve to a celebration. I finally put together a list of all the animes I’ve watched […]
Jessica Jones is back and so are all of our faves! Season 2 brings a mess of emotions and feels that we weren’t prepared for! 1. The Past Uncovered Last year’s season was in a word: epic. The characters of Jessica, Trish, Malcolm, and J. Hogarth became instant fan favorites. David Tennant’s Killgrave remains unmatched. […]
The holidays are fast approaching, and however you plan on spending them, we’re going to guess you’ll need Netflix to help you cope after all the inevitable family drama. Besides, what are the holidays for if not to overeat, fight with your parents about your life choices, and then pretend you don’t feel well so […]
By now you’ve probably binged your way through Stranger Things season two. If not, what are you doing reading this, get watching! For those who put their lives aside to finish the season, it is likely you will need time to recover after such an intense installment to the series. There were so many memorable […]
Well folks, Friday marked the release of another season of Fuller House on Netflix, and we have feelings about it! Here’s my Fuller House season 3 review. SPOILER WARNING! Characters with Character Once again, we are hit with the amazing nostalgia of Full House that we all grew up loving. All of our favorite characters are back, even a few […]