The Mist recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Law of Nature”, aired Aug. 10, 2017 Everyone’s limits are reached as desperation becomes a key emotion. Food and supplies are running out, as secrets are revealed that will change relationships forever. Before we get into breaking it down, here’s a refresher of last week’s episode! Relationship status […]
This post on Venom #153 is brought to you by Downtown Comics, Indianapolis’ largest comic book shop! They love to nerd out just like us at Pure Fandom. Head to their website for deals and updates on your favorite comics, swag, and more! The original Venom, Eddie Brock, is back in his own monthly series. […]
Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “The Chopsocky Special”, Aired Aug 9, 2017 Things got a little trippy on this week’s Blood Drive. Sure, each episode has been a little out there, but The Chopsocky Special took us down a new road. Strangeness and questions engulfed this episode, but we also got hints at a […]
Midnight, Texas 1×03, Season 1, Episode 3: “Lemuel, Unchained,” Aired August 7, 2017 Another fun episode! In “Lemuel, Unchained” we got to meet some of Lem’s old “friends” from back in the day. That blast from the past opened the door for a little bit of backstory on Lem, and the other characters too! Check out […]
The Bold Type episode 1×06 “The Breast Issue” aired August 8th, 2017. Happy Tuesday, Bold Types! It’s the best day of the week, and it’s getting just a little bit better. is your latest source for all things The Bold Type, starting with weekly recaps! So let’s get into it! This week’s episode was […]
Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 19, “Hail and Farewell” aired Aug. 7th, 2017 Last night’s episode of Shadowhunters was probably one of the most action packed of the season. So much went down that I had to go back and re-watch it just to make sure that I got it all. After the events of this episode, it’s […]
With August now upon us, we are getting closer to our favorite shows coming back from what has felt like the longest summer ever! Now, The CW has gotten us excited with the announcement that they would be doing yet another crossover event with its four superhero shows. That’s right! We will be getting another […]
Star Wars fans still have a few more months before the next installment of the saga hit theaters, but anticipation is at an all-time high. The Last Jedi plot still remains a mystery except for a few minutes of trailer footage, but that doesn’t stop dedicated fans from speculating on each shot. There is no […]
If you haven’t heard of Freeform’s newest hit show, The Bold Type, you must have been actively avoiding all human interaction for the past five weeks. The show has taken social media by storm, and was one of the most talked about shows on Twitter immediately after premiering. But why are people so obsessed with […]
The dog days of summer are upon us which could only mean the fall TV season is on the horizon. Recently the fall months have given viewers a new slate of horror shows to whet their appetite for the Halloween season and one show in particular has stood out for its inclusion of humor – […]
Teen Wolf 6×12: Season 6, Episode 12, “Raw Talent,” Aired August 6, 2017 OMG Theo. I have so many thoughts and feelings on Theo in this episode and you can find them HERE. The gist is that Theo has been living in his truck and the Beacon Hills police (who apparently have nothing better to do) […]