The Marvel comic storylines and characters are part of a growing trend. Once limited to comic books, the stories, superheroes, and villains were first adapted to television series and then to films. This massively increased the fanbase of Marvel and led to the production of related merchandise, from posters to collectible figurines and from toys […]
The Flash episode “The Elongated Knight Rises” aired on January 23, 2018. After last week’s dour courtroom drama, “The Elongated Knight Rises” was a nice, lighthearted detour from the main Thinker plot. While the Flash is out of commission, some random, completely normal guy tries to rob a jewellery store. He holds the employees hostage […]
What a week. Four jam-packed hours of action over two days. I’m talking about the Crisis on Earth X crossover, of course. Most people would note that unlike the previous crossovers, Crisis on Earth X was pretty well-blended. For the most part, all four hours of the event felt seamless. This was unlike last year’s Invasion!, where the […]