The 100

The 100 casting news alert – Papa Argent’s got a brand new bag (or planet)! One of our favorite Teen Wolf fellas is heading to the mystery planet on The 100! EW exclusively reported that J.R. Bourne has been cast in a reoccurring role for Season 6 of The 100. The actor will play Russell, […]
‘The 100’ Season 5 Finale, “Damocles – Part Two” Trailer This season has been so intense, and judging by the looks of the trailer, it is not going to be any calmer for “Damocles – Part Two” and we aren’t ready! In Season 5, we have watched these groups come together, fall apart, die and […]
The 100 5×10 Recap: “The Warriors Will,” Aired July 17, 2018 How do you stop a war? That’s the question everyone is asking, but only one fella has the answer – Monty! As wonderful as Monty’s floral plan was, it could not stop the hellfire that Blodreina reigned upon the people she has been keeping alive […]
Spoilers from The 100 5×08: “How We Get To Peace,” Aired June 26, 2018 Before we get into the reactions, the moment we are referencing is when Bellamy and Octavia are talking alone toward the end of the episode. Bellamy is trying to get Octavia to release Clarke and Octavia drops this line: “Pleading for the life […]
The 100 5×08 Review: “How We Get To Peace,” Aired June 26, 2018 In this episode of The 100, the road to peace is littered with broken trust and the consequences of those betrayals will be HUGE. Some prepared for war and others (Bellamy and Clarke) did everything they could to stop it – even if that […]
It’s that time of the year again — time to let your TV fandom flag fly! Round One of the 2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards is here. Cast your vote below for your Favorite New TV Shows, Netflix show, Sci-fi Series, Ships, Fierce Females, Superheroes, and more from the current TV season! You can vote as many […]
Season 5 of The 100 is amazing and filled major revelations about our favorite characters, but despite the wonderfulness, there is something that the time jump is missing – the Bellamy Blake we once knew. Lucky for us, no matter the circumstance, there is one thing that has always puts our Bellamy loving hearts at […]