Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf 6×12: Season 6, Episode 12, “Raw Talent,” Aired August 6, 2017 OMG Theo. I have so many thoughts and feelings on Theo in this episode and you can find them HERE. The gist is that Theo has been living in his truck and the Beacon Hills police (who apparently have nothing better to do) […]
Teen Wolf is back and with just 9 episodes left in the series, every second counts. 6×11 kicked off the final set of episodes and it was a great start but it left us with a lot of questions. Looking to 6×12, we have many things we need answered and a few more characters to […]
The premiere of Teen Wolf 6×11 (see my spoiler-free review!) is just a few days away and we are so ready! After chatting with the cast at SDCC, we learned some awesome deets about what’s to come for our favorite pack and now we have photographic evidence of the awesomeness to come! Check out these […]
One week to go and with all of the trailers and SDCC info coming out, we are swimming in Teen Wolfy goodness this week! Season 6b debuts on July 30th and we have all of the (spoiler free) deets for you! Related: ‘Teen Wolf’ SDCC Panel: Exclusive photos and panel recap  If the lengthy wait between […]