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Who will get the Teen Wolf best episode award? Let’s break it all down! There are so many amazing episodes of this show and everyone has their own personal favorites. The episodes below are always at the front lines of the “best of” conversations. Before you vote on which episode you pick, here are the 5 […]
Teen Wolf may have ended, but our love of the show and Stiles hasn’t! Stiles was the only human in the pack and we loved that about him. We may not ever be in the crazy situations that Stiles was in (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean we didn’t relate to the GIFs on a […]
(Spoilers for Teen Wolf 6B below!) It’s hard to believe that Teen Wolf is actually over! Now that the dust and emotions of the show’s final episode has settled, let’s take another look at the final ten episodes! Teen Wolf 6B was all about fear and while we were entertained, we didn’t love everything that […]
Teen Wolf series finale recap, Season 6, Episode 20, “Wolves of War,” aired September 24, 2017  This is it. Our last Teen Wolf recap ever! (Sob!) It wasn’t everything we were hoping for, but the actual end to the series is exactly what Jeff said he was aiming for when we spoke at SDCC – satisfying. […]
The Teen Wolf Series Finale airs Sunday, September 24th on MTV Welcome to the last spoiler free review for Teen Wolf EVER! It has been a wild ride, but we made it! This wonderful little show is almost over, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for the pack’s final fight! This is […]
Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×18 and 6×19 airing September 17, 2017  Since this is a two episode review, we can’t give too much info about 6×19 without spoiling 6×18, so it’s just the basics for this round! You won’t want to miss these episodes, they are EPIC! Anuke-ite mystery. There are some MAJOR developments […]
Teen Wolf 6×17: Season 6, Episode 17, “Werewolves of London,” Aired September 10, 2017  Yay! Jackson and Ethan are back they aren’t the only ones! We also learned more about the Anuk-ite and what the pack needs to do to defeat it. Let’s break it all down! Werewolves of London. They are back! Ethan and Jackson are […]
It seems like it was so long ago that the pack was wondering “Who’s Stiles?” and Lydia was spending every waking moment trying to find him. That all went down in Teen Wolf 6a and it was pretty awesome. The DVD has all ten eps, as well as some kick ass bonus features! Let’s break […]
Teen Wolf 6×16: Season 6, Episode 16, “Triggers,” Aired September 3, 2017  Holy crap. So much happened in that episode, but before we talk about that crazy ending, let’s start at the beginning. Aaron’s squad. Beacon Hills High school is officially the worst. Aaron and Gabe are going around cutting the hands of the students to […]
Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×16 “Triggers,” airing September 3, 2017  School drama. If you didn’t think that Beacon Hills was the worst high school ever, you will after this episode. You will also be left questioning how any of the faculty has a job at that damn school after the opening scene. Nolan. […]