Siren, Ep 1×09, “Street Fight” aired on May 17, 2018 Welcome back to Bristol Cove! Siren‘s own, Hannah Levien joins us this week as we discuss the season’s penultimate episode, “Street Fight”. We’ve seen Hannah’s character, Janine, throughout the season mostly in stolen moments with Calvin and this episode serving drinks to Decker. This week gave […]
It’s no secret that Shadowhunters has been preparing to follow the The Mortal Instruments’ lead and eventually make Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood’s romance a reality. Although Simon is respectfully dating Maia and Izzy recently got out of a (short-lived) relationship, showrunner Todd Slavkin himself has been very open about “Sizzy’s” future via his twitter: While this all […]
‘Shadowhunters’ recap: Season 3 Episode 8 “A Heart of Darkness” aired May 8th 2018 Freeing Jace In tonight’s all new episode of  ‘Shadowhunters’ titled A Heart of Darkness, emotions ran just as high as the stakes. Despite being contained by the Malachi Configuration, Jace still manages to get on everyone’s nerves. In an attempt to break him […]