This podcast is hosted by Liz Prugh and Meg Bonney. The two discuss The CW’s latest pilot, the untitled ‘Roswell’ reboot. We’ve chosen to call the show a “reimagining” versus a reboot, given that the cast, crew, and writer behind the new show aim to make it timely and relevant to today, with its own […]
Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, Ep 3×05, “The Pestilent God” aired on March 7, 2018 Welcome back to Butcher’s Block, neighbor. Alice has officially drunk the Peach flavored Kool-aid (or is that blood). She’s adapting to her life and dining habits as a member of the family far better than Zoe. Speaking of Alice’s wayward sister. Zoe rescues potential […]
The Flash episode “Enter Flashtime” aired 6 March 2018. Since returning from the speedforce, Barry has become faster and more self-righteous. He’s also become more of an ass when he gets stressed. And the DeVoe debacle is getting him really stressed. He pushed Izzy too hard last week and this week, wore Cisco down during […]
Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, Ep 3×04, “Alice in Slaughterland” aired on February 28, 2018 Welcome back to Butcher’s Block, neighbors. This week, we’ve officially fallen down the rabbit and things got even more twister and bloodier. Zoe definitely bit off more than she can chew with her decision to join the Peaches for dinner (sorry, couldn’t resist). Alice […]
The Flash episode “Subject 9” aired 27 February 2018. Really? I’m sure The Flash can come up with something more creative than “Subject 9”. Then again, it took 40 minutes before we named this week’s new meta. The naming powers are not with us this week. Anyway, welcome back! Barry is a free man and […]
We love highlighting fierce women in pop culture here at Pure Fandom—see our last feature on The Originals writer Carina MacKenzie, who is also helming the Roswell reboot. Our latest feature takes a dive into the literary world with award-winning writer Kameron Hurley. An author, futurist, geek, and Hugo Award-winner Kameron is behind some of the most fascinating sci-fi […]