Star Wars Theory Series is hosted by co-founder Liz Prugh and her brother Patrick (talking about Star Wars is one of the only ways she can get him to hang out with her). They frequently have their other two brothers, dad, and Liz’s husband and self-proclaimed Star Wars experts as guest hosts. They’re dedicated to putting a […]
The Flash episode “Don’t Run” aired 5 December 2017. It’s the midseason finale! ‘Tis the season for cliffhangers. The Flash certainly left us with a cliffhanger no one saw coming. In an episode with many twists and turns, “Don’t Run” was a good pre-holiday treat, although not the nicest one. Westallen interrupted…again Poor Barry and Iris. […]
What a week. Four jam-packed hours of action over two days. I’m talking about the Crisis on Earth X crossover, of course. Most people would note that unlike the previous crossovers, Crisis on Earth X was pretty well-blended. For the most part, all four hours of the event felt seamless. This was unlike last year’s Invasion!, where the […]
The Shannara Chronicles recap: Season 2, Episodes 9 & 10, “Wilderun” and “Blood” aired Nov. 22nd, 2017 It all comes down to this! In the two part season finale of The Shannara Chronicles we finally get to see how everything turns out! Let’s talk about the 5 biggest shockers! 1. Eretria is taken over by the darkness As […]
The Shannara Chronicles recap: Season 2, Episodes 7 & 8, “Warlock” and “Amberle” aired Nov. 15th, 2017 With only a few episodes left of the season, Shannara has definitely picked up its pace. These episodes were CRAZY and it looks like just about anything could happen at this point. Let’s dive in! 1. Amberle appears to […]