In this Riverdale Roundtable, we look back at Season 2’s drama which included the Black Hood, murder, mob trouble and so much more. Season 2 of Riverdale had a LOT going on, good and bad. Lindi Smith, co-founder of Purefandom.com, and I chatted about what we liked, didn’t like and our hopes for Season 3 of […]
The Riverdale Season 3 trailer is here and that means it’s time to head back to the spooky, sexy, crazy town of Riverdale! We are READY! If you recall, last season ended with our dear, sweet Archikins getting carted off to jail after his fall out with Hiram Lodge. We also saw the “end” of […]
It’s that time of the year again — time to let your TV fandom flag fly! Round One of the 2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards is here. Cast your vote below for your Favorite New TV Shows, Netflix show, Sci-fi Series, Ships, Fierce Females, Superheroes, and more from the current TV season! You can vote as many […]
Spoilers for Riverdale 2×22, Season 2, Episode 22, “Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World,” Aired May 16, 2018 Riverdale Season 2 was longer and had a lot more going on than usual. Some of it was great, some of it made us want to dip our heads in a vat of maple syrup, but we were still […]
Riverdale Season 2, Episode 19, “Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners,” Aired April 25, 2018 Things took a very dark turn on this episode of Riverdale. Another murder has rocked the town, there were multiple kidnappings and the Black Hood is officially back! Let’s take a look at the twisty tale that unfolded in Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners. 8 Darkest Moments […]
Riverdale musical episode, Season 2, Episode 18, “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember,” Aired April 18, 2018 FINALLY! After much anticipation, we finally got to see Riverdale‘s big musical episode. This show is no stranger to musical numbers, but even those paled in comparison to this take on Carrie, the Musical! Music and theater geekery aside, this […]
Riverdale Season 2, Episode 17, “Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens,” Aired March 28, 2018 The ships are sailing and we are so happy! Cheryl is still locked away, but she has not been forgotten. Things in the Lodge family are getting crazy, Archie is turning his friends into Mortal Kombat characters vigilante thugs (and we hate […]
Riverdale Season 2, Episode 16, “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors,” Aired March 21, 2018 Another week of Riverdale, another fresh scoop of drama! Archie is still having fireplace meetings with Mr. Lodge, Jughead is still on a crusade, the Coopers are cray, and the Blossom family is still full of murder. Ethel dropped some truth bombs about […]
Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15, “Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood,” Aired March 14, 2018 This episode was a little bonkers, but hey – that’s our Riverdale, right? Things have picked up and we are loving it. In this episode we learned what Hiram’s big plan is, a secret twin comes back, and Choni steals the […]