Castle Rock recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “The Queen”, Aired Aug. 22, 2018 “Where’d you go, Ruth?” Man, what an episode. Castle Rock just keeps getting better. This week, the show delves further into one of its most interesting aspects, Ruth’s dementia. And Sissy Spacek is so good it’s clear that if she needed to, […]
“What did Dad and I used to do when we went out to the woods?” In this week’s Castle Rock, Henry Deaver is really trying to delve into his past. What was his relationship with his father really like? After the Kid unearths an unusual home video of Matthew and Henry walking in the woods, […]
“Gosh, oh, gee, but, I have fun, swallowing animals one by one.” Despite still not knowing his name, or basically anything about him, Castle Rock’s fifth episode, “Harvest,” gives us new and much needed information about the Kid. All while making everything else more confusing. But I mean, we take what we can get. Chaos has […]
Castle Rock recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “The Box,” Aired Aug. 1, 2018 “A serial strangler died in my house, and I still sleep like a baby.”  Shawshank is not a place you want to work, that’s for sure. After multiple previous wardens committed suicide, Zalewski was honestly doomed from the start. In the fourth […]
Castle Rock recap: Season 1, Episodes 1 “Severance”, 2 “Habeas Corpus”, and 3 “Local Color” “‘Never again let him see the light of day.’ That’s what God told me. […] What he didn’t tell me was how full of doubt I would be about what we did, or where I’d wind up in the end.” Last […]
Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ep 1×10, “Colony Collapse” aired on August 2, 2018 Evita’s auntie has been stressing us all out throughout the season with her prediction regarding the “Divine Pairing”. This week’s finale, “Colony Collapse” lays out a dark history for New Orleans and each time someone has been sacrificed to save the city.  Read further for […]