The Bold Type 1×07 “Three Girls in a Tub” aired Tuesday, August 15th, 2017. Before we dive into this recap, let’s take a moment to squeal over how amazing Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s friendship is. Week after week they are supportive of each other, honest with each other, and so comfortable with each other – […]
Will recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “What Dreams May Come,” Aired August 14, 2017 This episode had no shortage of inner turmoil, as both Will and Alice try to deal with the fallout of Will’s confrontation from the last episode. Alice attempts to find stability with the help of Southwell. Meanwhile, Topcliffe goes on a rampage. […]
Shadowhunters season finale recap: Season 2, Episode 20, “Beside Still Water” aired Aug. 14th, 2017 Alright, this is it. After a whole season of pain and heartbreak, the fight against Valentine finally came to an end tonight…one way or the other. For those of you who haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Shadowhunters, be warned, spoilers ahead! The […]
Let me start by saying that I am a Shakespeare nerd. I read his plays and sonnets for fun, and I genuinely enjoy them. So, of course, I was extremely excited to hear that a show about the Bard was out there. After quickly finding out that no one else I know was watching it, […]
The Mist recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Law of Nature”, aired Aug. 10, 2017 Everyone’s limits are reached as desperation becomes a key emotion. Food and supplies are running out, as secrets are revealed that will change relationships forever. Before we get into breaking it down, here’s a refresher of last week’s episode! Relationship status […]
Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “The Chopsocky Special”, Aired Aug 9, 2017 Things got a little trippy on this week’s Blood Drive. Sure, each episode has been a little out there, but The Chopsocky Special took us down a new road. Strangeness and questions engulfed this episode, but we also got hints at a […]
Midnight, Texas 1×03, Season 1, Episode 3: “Lemuel, Unchained,” Aired August 7, 2017 Another fun episode! In “Lemuel, Unchained” we got to meet some of Lem’s old “friends” from back in the day. That blast from the past opened the door for a little bit of backstory on Lem, and the other characters too! Check out […]
The Bold Type episode 1×06 “The Breast Issue” aired August 8th, 2017. Happy Tuesday, Bold Types! It’s the best day of the week, and it’s getting just a little bit better. is your latest source for all things The Bold Type, starting with weekly recaps! So let’s get into it! This week’s episode was […]
Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 19, “Hail and Farewell” aired Aug. 7th, 2017 Last night’s episode of Shadowhunters was probably one of the most action packed of the season. So much went down that I had to go back and re-watch it just to make sure that I got it all. After the events of this episode, it’s […]