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Showrunner, Greg Walker and the cast of DC Universe’s new Titans series attended New York Comic Con this weekend. The series centers around Dick Grayson (post-Gotham/Batman) and a young team of superheroes. They’re struggling with some personal demons, unfolding mysteries, and fighting bad guys. Dick Grayson is trying to figure out who he is now that he’s […]
Batwoman flew into our super-sized hearts just in time for the return of our favorite Arrowverse shows and we are READY! It was announced earlier this year that Ruby Rose will be portraying the super heroine Batwoman in the annual crossover event scheduled on The CW. Her super suit was recently uncovered to us civilians, […]
Watching Terry Crews crush this mini-campaign of D&D as Thordak, the Blacksmith might just be our favorite thing on the internet right now! In anticipation of the upcoming World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion, launching worldwide on August 14, Nerdist teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment for an epic episode of CelebriD&D with the always amazing, Terry Crews! Crews […]