Jessica Jones is back and so are all of our faves! Season 2 brings a mess of emotions and feels that we weren’t prepared for! 1. The Past Uncovered Last year’s season was in a word: epic. The characters of Jessica, Trish, Malcolm, and J. Hogarth became instant fan favorites. David Tennant’s Killgrave remains unmatched. […]
Anime weapons come in all shapes and sizes. You can find these magical, supernatural weapons wielded by hard working losers and tenacious warriors and magical girls and near-mute monsters and goofball monkey men and the quiet smart kid with plans for world domination. From speedy little daggers to behemoth two-handed swords to bows made of […]
The holidays are fast approaching, and however you plan on spending them, we’re going to guess you’ll need Netflix to help you cope after all the inevitable family drama. Besides, what are the holidays for if not to overeat, fight with your parents about your life choices, and then pretend you don’t feel well so […]
So you want to dive into the anime universe? Beginnings are tough – at least they are for me. This is my first article, and believe you me, I had the bulk of the below finished before I tackled this introduction. There are so many questions to answer. Where do I begin? How should I […]
By now you’ve probably binged your way through Stranger Things season two. If not, what are you doing reading this, get watching! For those who put their lives aside to finish the season, it is likely you will need time to recover after such an intense installment to the series. There were so many memorable […]
Well folks, Friday marked the release of another season of Fuller House on Netflix, and we have feelings about it! Here’s my Fuller House season 3 review. SPOILER WARNING! Characters with Character Once again, we are hit with the amazing nostalgia of Full House that we all grew up loving. All of our favorite characters are back, even a few […]
It’s time to get your binge on. Netflix is purging itself of a whole lot of TV shows and movies this October. Here is a comprehensive list of everything that’s leaving Netflix next month.: Oct. 1 30 Rock: Seasons 1 – 7 A Love in Times of Selfies Across the Universe Barton Fink Bella Big […]