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Exclusive: Felicia Henderson on ‘The Punisher’ season 2 and inspiring the next generation

The fierce and talented Felicia Henderson is the brain behind so many things you know and love—from the Teen Titans comics to The Punisher series on Netflix where she currently serves as co-executive producer. She went from being a young girl obsessed with Batman comics to becoming a major force in the TV and comic industry. […]

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In previous Fierce Female features we’ve touched on the universal female superpower: multi-tasking. Internationally acclaimed director Alice Troughton is no exception to this. Alice holds credits of directing projects like the BAFTA-winning Doctor Who episode “Midnight”, the multi-award winning film Cucumber, and several episodes of supernatural/sci-fi shows adored by millions: Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Teen Wolf, In the […]
Virago – a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities, a valiant maiden, a female warrior, Amazon-esque, Valkyrie or shield-maiden, a heroine…or, in other words, a fierce female. I hope you don’t mind the definition of virago to begin this article. It would probably be just as easy to call the characters I’m going to […]
We love highlighting fierce women in pop culture here at Pure Fandom—see our last feature on The Originals writer Carina MacKenzie, who is also helming the Roswell reboot. Our latest feature takes a dive into the literary world with award-winning writer Kameron Hurley. An author, futurist, geek, and Hugo Award-winner Kameron is behind some of the most fascinating sci-fi […]