Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “Reunion,” Aired March 15, 2018 Finally. We’ve had many, many episodes of reunions, so it’s about time we had one actually called, “Reunion.” And while it’s great to see old faces reunited, this was an episode full of rocky reunions. While some thaw the icy feelings, progress doesn’t come easy. […]
Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 14, “Amazing Grace,” Aired March 12, 2018. Totems, totems, and more totems! That’s right, you guessed it. The final one was revealed this episode. You know what? It was my favorite totem story so far. Let’s see how it came into the possession of our mystery bearer. 1. The […]
Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “A Beautiful Darkness,” Aired March 8, 2018 “Make me laugh.” I know a lot of people have been waiting for Jerome’s return, so here it is! With his return, he brings humiliation,  spork threats, and miming. So, yeah, I laughed. Fitting for Jerome, who I still feel like is a […]
Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 11, “Here I Go Again,” Aired February 19, 2018. This week featured a Zari-centric episode. Let me tell you, Tala Ashe brought it! This was hands down the best episode of the season. The range of feels in this one, is true. Let’s break down some of these epic […]
Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 10, “Daddy Darhkest,” Aired February 13, 2018. John Constantine has returned! Tonight’s episode gave us some much needed answers, an unexpected hookup, and a departure. Let’s dive in! 1. Constantine Returns No matter what Matt Ryan finds a way to bring his character back to our screens. After Constantine’s […]
Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “Both Sides Now” Aired February 5, 2018. Hello, Superfans! Now that last night’s episode premiered, I wanted to take some time and talk about things we are all thinking. Let’s get into predictions for the second half of the season! 1. Peace out Mon-El We all know I am not […]
Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “For Good” Aired January 29, 2018. On tonight’s episode of Supergirl we got another Lena Luthor centric episode. I don’t know if it is because Katie McGrath is such a seasoned actress, or if the writers take great care when writing her scenes, but these episodes always end up being my […]
Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 11, “Fort Rozz” Aired January 22, 2018. Last night’s episode of Supergirl was one of my favorites of the season. It was full of girl power and storyline development. We got to see familiar faces and dive further into the work of Reign. The Mission The DEO discovers a link to Reign. […]
Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 10, “Legion of Super-Heroes” Aired January 16, 2018. We’re back! How are you my Superfans? I have missed you. What did you think of the return of Supergirl?  Let’s break down the top 5 moments of last night’s episode! 1. Legion Unite! Supergirl is still in a coma from her battle with Reign. Supergirl’s run-in […]
Happy 2018, Gothamites! New year means new Gotham, and we just get closer and closer to the Batman stories we know and love. We’re four seasons in, and we’re still missing quite a few characters. So here’s a list of some characters we’d love to see on Gotham this year. Harley Quinn Let’s get the […]