An Anime Holy Grail War – the mention should send shivers of excitement and anticipation down your spine, anime fans! For those that aren’t familiar, the Fate universe revolves around an event known as the Holy Grail War. Seven servants are summoned as familiars for seven masters to engage in combat with the winner (the […]
Would you survive, die, or thrive if you were trapped in another world? Many heroes in anime find themselves inexplicably pulled from their humdrum lives. They are plopped into a situation where they have to survive the dangers of an unfamiliar world. As expected our heroes often struggle but they do their best. So I […]
If you talked to every otaku on the planet, you may get unique answers to the question of what animes need another season. (And yes, that is a Grease reference in the article title – I like hearing more about what people love. So please tell me more!) Everyone has their own preferences. Sometimes a […]
If the eye is truly a window to the soul, then what we see in anime eyes can only be described as otherworldly. Anime eyes are depicted with exaggeration in size and a depth of colors just not found in real life. These eyes give us a glimpse into souls that are beyond our world. […]
It would be impossible for me to make a list of the best anime opening themes and give them any sort of ranking. It seems like any time I watch something new I find another theme to add to my IPod and YouTube playlists. However I’m thinking way back to a couple of my initial […]
Cosplay in the anime fandom is a unique form that I enjoy. During my time at conventions, I take special note of anime cosplay. You might not know this but my convention adventures started off as a cosplay handler. I think that with this experience as my background, I’m always taking a close look at […]
An anime DnD party… I think that this topic is one with good timing for me. I’m a otaku with varied interests and passions. One of my favorite activities is to play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. Additionally one of my favorite genres of anime is the trapped in another world variety. So my […]
The Cherry Blossom Festival, known as Hanami in Japan, is a custom thousands of years old. It is celebrated all over Japan when the cherry trees begin to bloom. In fact, the festival is running at the time I’m posting this article! As the pretty flowers last only a few days a year, it is […]
Anime fandom… Beginnings are tough (now where did I read that) – at least they are for me. What I didn’t say way back then was that beginnings are also important. Knowing where you began, knowing your origin gives you information that you should hold onto. It can be a launching point that you look […]
The 7 Deadly Sins conjurers up certain images and emotions. It is a common enough theme in the anime universe. The homunculi of Fullmetal Alchemist are created by sloughing off the various wickedness. The protagonists of Nanatsu No Taizai are identified by their crimes related to the assorted transgressions. The Seven Kin of Purgatory in […]
Excalibur – the holy sword, the sword of promised victory, the legendary sword of King Arthur, the divine blade that bestows the bearer with the right to rule England. This one-of-a-kind blade goes by many names. It also finds itself in many stories. Sometimes it is in the rightful hand of King Arthur; other times […]
“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi Valentine’s Day is the holiday when we celebrate love. Maybe the world would be a lovelier place if we celebrated more often instead […]
Identifying what new and returning animes there are to watch can be a challenge all by itself. My first article for Pure Fandom tasked me with pitching a handful of good starter animes for people just getting into the fandom. This last weekend in St. Louis I was challenged to lead a panel to introduce […]
Angry anime characters… There’s so many different ways to describe these characters. We can call them impassioned, enraged, indignant, exacerbated, fierce, and turbulent. What we don’t do is call them any of those descriptors to their face. Once that anger is loosed, we have no choice but to kiss our own butts goodbye! The first […]