The Flash episode “Fury Rogue” aired April 24 2018. It’s another heist with Leonard Snart! Should be fun, right? Sadly, unlike last season’s analogous episode, “Fury Rogue” is subdued by the need to push the plot forward, as well as let the characters grieve Ralph Dibny. Still, having Snart around can never go too wrong. […]
The 100 Season 5 premiere, Season 5, Episode 1 recap: “Eden,” Aired April 24, 2017 Welcome back! First, we’d like to send all of our love and adoration to this amazing fandom. That was a LONG hiatus, but (as you already know) Season 5 was worth the wait! Much of this episode focused on Clarke […]
iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 8, “Chivalry is Dead”, aired April 23rd, 2018 LARPing! Or, live action role playing for those that don’t know or weren’t paying attention. Well, that’s the brains Liv is on this week as Peyton joins her crusade. Things with Major are still going downhill as his decisions continue to be […]
The Crossing episode 4 “The Face of Oblivion” aired April 23 2018. I think I know the philosophy of this show. ‘But’. You think it’s going somewhere…BUT – here’s another plot twist/cliffhanger! A child for a child So Reece does have Oliver. How did she know he was Jude’s kid? Oliver is really gullible to follow […]
The Resident, Season 1, Episode 10, “Haunted”, aired April 16th, 2018 Conrad is still punishing himself over Lily’s death as Lane continues doing whatever necessary to cover her own ass. That, and continue her shady ways, of course. The appearance of Conrad’s former mentor just may be the only thing to pull Conrad out of […]
Dynasty, Season 1, Episode 19, “Use or Be Used”, aired April 20th, 2018 Everyone is just getting a bit nastier as the first season of Dynasty heads towards its finale! Steven is lying to just about everyone as he attempts to find his long-lost brother. Blake’s marriage is only made worse by him now blackmailing Cristal […]
iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 7, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”, aired April 16th, 2018 Liv went full player in this episode as she continues taking risks while continuing Mama Leone’s crusade. Major goes further down his own rabbit hole to the possible point of no return. Clive continues struggling with his open relationship […]
iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 6, “My Really Fair Lady”, aired April 9th, 2018 Things got slightly musical this week and a whole lot of crazy. Liv is going to have some struggles taking over Mama Leone’s organization. Major and Liv are still struggling with their relationship while Liv may have just found anther love interest. […]