This installment in my S.H.I.E.L.D.appreciation series is all about Agent Daisy Johnson, portrayed by the infinitely talented Chloe Bennet. Daisy Johnson was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s technical super-heroine since chronologically Daisy was gifted with her powers long before Elizabeth Olsen hit the screens as Wanda Maximoff (and the first Asian superhero in the MCU). Daisy […]
“What did Dad and I used to do when we went out to the woods?” In this week’s Castle Rock, Henry Deaver is really trying to delve into his past. What was his relationship with his father really like? After the Kid unearths an unusual home video of Matthew and Henry walking in the woods, […]
So, I may be a little biased about season 2 because that’s when Captain Hook made his entrance. And it also happens to be the season when I started shipping Captain Swan. However, this season really pumped up the intrigue and magical drama. Ah, how I miss the innuendo slinging villain that Hook was. 2×06 […]
Supernatural‘s backdoor pilot, Wayward Sisters set up various story-lines for Jody, Claire and the rest of the kick-ass women of the Supernatural universe. When the pilot wasn’t picked up, fans were so bummed to see that these stories weren’t going to be pursued further. We love the Winchester Bros, but even with the addition of […]
“Gosh, oh, gee, but, I have fun, swallowing animals one by one.” Despite still not knowing his name, or basically anything about him, Castle Rock’s fifth episode, “Harvest,” gives us new and much needed information about the Kid. All while making everything else more confusing. But I mean, we take what we can get. Chaos has […]