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Sci-fi and horror are where it’s at for Brad. As a podcaster for over nine years, it is clear that Brad likes to talk. A fan of the Syfy channel since the day it aired he enjoys covering the variety of shows that the channel puts airs. Be sure to check out the Brad & Cort Talk Podcast here on PureFandom where Brad and his longtime co-host Cort, recap shows and interview actors. Brad is also an avid Obstacle Course Runner who enjoys doing things most people think he is crazy for attempting.

‘Ghost Wars’ exclusive interview: Jesse Moss talks ghosts and horror

Prepare yourself as spirits of the dead start closing in on a small Alaskan town in Syfy’s new supernatural thriller, Ghost Wars (premiered aired Oct 5th). The show revolves around a small town that is cut off from the rest of civilization. As an army of ghosts invades the town, its residents must come together if […]

‘Blood Drive’ season finale recap: 1×13 “Finish Line”

Blood Drive season finale recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Finish Line”, Aired Sep 6, 2017 On June 14, 2017, the premiere episode of Blood Drive, “The Fucking Cop,” graced the small screen. The promised grindhouse style had arrived. Never before had such things been seen or heard on the Syfy channel. This one episode enticed and […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×12 “Faces of Blood Drive”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Faces of Blood Drive,” Aired Aug 30, 2017 Among the many things that Blood Drive does each week, there is one thing that is consistent. Every week, we all do a collective, “Wait what?” at some point during the episode. “Faces of Blood Drive” provided that moment and more. From […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×09 “The Chopsocky Special”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “The Chopsocky Special”, Aired Aug 9, 2017 Things got a little trippy on this week’s Blood Drive. Sure, each episode has been a little out there, but The Chopsocky Special took us down a new road. Strangeness and questions engulfed this episode, but we also got hints at a […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×08 “A Fistful of Blood”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “A Fistful of Blood”, Aired Aug 2, 2017 If there is one thing that defines Blood Drive (besides the blood, violence, and sex) it would be the music. The score is always on point for what we see splattered across the screen. Last week’s ending with K. Flay’s […]

Alterna Comics: August 2017 Comic Releases

Scheduled for August, Alterna Comics we have four returning bi-monthly series, one new bi-monthly series, and one graphic novel. The comics range between $1.00 to $1.50 which is quite the steal for the stories you receive in return. The graphic novel can be yours for just $11.95 – another steal as long as you like […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×07 “The Gentleman’s Agreement”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 7, “The Gentleman’s Agreement”, Aired July 26, 2017 Forcing us back into our seats as we speed through the twisting roads that run through the Heart Corporation, Blood Drive revealed more of the deviant behavior going on behind the scenes of the mega corporation. The most dominant company in […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×06 “Booby Traps”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 6, “Booby Traps”, Aired July 19, 2017 Day 6 of the Blood Drive leaves us with a lingering question. Just where do they find the people to fuel the cars at the beginning of the race? With Slink in control, you can just imagine those people paid to be […]

‘Blood Drive’ 1×04 recap: “Halls of Kane Hill”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 4, “Halls of Kane Hill”, Aired July 5, 2017 This week on Blood Drive, Christopher may never walk quite right again. The crazies have taken control, although, they might have far more control than just in the asylum. We have flashbacks to how things used to be and a […]

Alterna Comics Releases for July 2017: Read the reviews

The next installment of Alterna Comics‘ limited series runs is set to hit the shelves in July. We have had a chance to read the second installments of Adam Wreck, Amazing Age, Croak, and Lilith Dark. With the prices of these comics running between $1.00 and $1.50, you should hit up your local comic book […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×03 “Steel City Nightfall”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 3, “Steel City Nightfall”, Aired June 28, 2017 Day three of the race leads us to Steel City as the Mayhem continues with Blood Drive! Mutated bloodthirsty creatures roam the street. A couple who kills together stays together. The synergy of corporate conference calls is forced upon Slink. Meanwhile, Aki […]

‘Blood Drive’ recap 1×02: “Welcome to Pixie Swallows”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1 Episode 2, “Welcome to Pixie Swallows”, Aired June 21, 2017 Everybody tastes the same on the griddle. Day two of the race concludes at Pixie Swallows. A quaint little roadside paradise is providing a full belly of organic beef and a place to rest your head after you have had […]

‘Blood Drive’ premiere recap: 1×01 “The F-cking Cop”

Blood Drive premiere recap: Season 1 Episode 1, “The F-cking Cop”, Aired June 14, 2017 There is no denying that Syfy was not lying to us regarding the Grindhouse style Blood Drive was going to embrace. With the premiere episode, we are saturated with blood, assaulted with violence, enticed with sex, and provided with a […]

Meet the drivers of Syfy’s blood-fueled new series, ‘Blood Drive’

Start your engines and get ready for Syfy’s newest series Blood Drive, premiering June 14 – a dystopian, grindhouse style series where drivers race across the country with cars that run on blood. Yes, you read that correctly. More details on Blood Drive here Just what can we expect from the characters that will be gracing […]

Exclusive Pure Fandom Interview: Comic creator and artist Charles C. Dowd

In April, I had a chance to review some comics that Alterna was planning to release in May. One of those comics, Lilith Dark, really stood out to me. This is the perfect introductory comic for children. Lilith is a fearless heroine fighting the big bad beasties after all. Recently, I had the chance to ask the […]