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Chris is a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber for NerdWide.com and also a contributing writer for Pure Fandom, covering 'The Blacklist' and 'Blindspot.' In his free time, he enjoys reading, opening sub-boxes, adding to his already too large DVD/Blu-ray collection, and listening to amazing music.

‘The Blacklist’ recap: Episode 5×4 “The Endling”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 4, “The Endling,” Aired Oct. 18, 2017 ‘I like a nice long soak, don’t you?’ This weeks blacklister is known as The Endling  (number 44 on Red’s list). The Endling earned her name by creating one of a kind items, killing and/or destroying all other copies of the items. […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×03 “Miss Rebecca Thrall”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 3, “Miss Rebecca Thrall,” Aired Oct. 11, 2017 “Don’t forget the pickle bites.” Our Blacklister of the week is Miss Rebecca Thrall (Number 76 on Red’s list). The episode begins with a young cop, McGinnis, gunning down a junkie, Stansbury, and placing a gun in his hand. His captain […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×02 “Greyson Blaise”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 2, “Greyson Blaise,” Aired Oct. 4, 2017 ‘First, let’s have sex’ This weeks episode of The Blacklist introduced us to Greyson Blaise (Blacklister #37) as he stole a diamond necklace that he was about to unveil at a museum. Blaise was portrayed by Owain Yeoman, most familiar to audiences […]

‘The Blacklist’ season 5 premiere recap: 5×01 “Smokey Putnum”

The Blacklist season 5 premiere recap: Season 5, Episode 1, “Smokey Putnum,” Aired Sept. 27, 2017 ‘…you steal money from the most ruthless, bassackwards group of racists you could possibly find.’ So says Raymond Reddington to number thirty on the blacklist, Smokey Putnum. While season 4 went places it needed to go to and got very […]