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Chris is a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber for NerdWide.com and also a contributing writer for Pure Fandom, covering 'The Blacklist' and 'Blindspot.' In his free time, he enjoys reading, opening sub-boxes, adding to his already too large DVD/Blu-ray collection, and listening to amazing music.

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×16 “The Capricorn Killer”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 16, “The Capricorn Killer,” Aired Mar. 14, 2018 This Week’s Blacklister This week’s blacklister is The Capricorn Killer. Ranking at number sixteen on Red’s list, The Capricorn Killer has typically left victims on their knees with their hands bound behind their backs, head back, and a sword running through […]

‘The Blacklist’ spring premiere recap: 5×14 “Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III”

The Blacklist spring premiere recap: Season 5, Episode 14, “Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III,” Aired February 28, 2018 “Yes, well, that was a cottage” Blacklister of the Week A man, Brian, meets with Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III (Blacklister #51). Brian caught his wife cheating on him and now seeks revenge. Sinclair asks him to replay it […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×10 “The Informant”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 10, “The Informant,” Aired Jan. 10, 2018 Last week’s episode was a great way to kick off the second half of the season. We saw very little of everyone outside of Liz and she went total badass. The last fifteen minutes left me wondering if maybe Quentin Tarantino had […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×09 “Ruin”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5 Episode 9, ‘Ruin,’ Aired Jan. 3, 2018 “Who are you people?” Well, we did it! We made it through The Blacklist winter hiatus and I am so happy that this show is back. Tom’s death left so much up in the air. Let’s check out the fallout. New Life Liz […]

‘Blindspot’ midseason finale recap: 3×08, “City Folks Under Wraps”

Blindspot midseason finale recap: Season 3 Episode 8, “City Folks Under Wraps,” Aired Dec. 22, 2017 Blindspot has been hitting on all cylinders lately. Some great storylines are in play headed into this mid-season finale. What are Roman’s plans for Blake? When will Weller tell Jane that he’s met her daughter? Will Jane find her […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×07 “Fix My Present Havoc”

Blindspot recap: Season 3 Episode 7, ‘Fix My Present Havoc,’ Aired Dec. 15, 2017 We’re shown a montage of Stuart’s progress in cracking the molecule tattoo. He sent Hirst a text when he cracked the tattoo and she showed up to his apartment, murdering him when he told her what he’d found. Tattoo of the […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×06 “Adoring Suspect”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 6, “Adoring Suspect,” Aired Dec. 8, 2017 So far this season, Jane has been kept guessing by what Roman is up to and what he has planned next. Nothing, however, has shaken Jane like the revelation that she has a daughter. Elsewhere on the team, Patterson continues to search for […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×05 “This Profound Legacy”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 5, “This Profound Legacy,” Aired Dec. 1, 2017 This episode opened with a woman, Yasmine, and her son, Vanya, hiding from mercenaries. The big reveal at the end of the last episode was that Jane had a daughter years before and gave her up for adoption. Will we find out […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×04 “Gunplay Ricochet”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 4, “Gunplay Ricochet,” Aired Nov. 17, 2017 Tattoo of the Week The featured tattoo this week is the horned skull. This leads the team to Marcus Dunn, a known bomber, thought to have been killed in 1994. One of Jane’s new tattoos interacts with the horned skull tattoo. An outline […]

‘The Blacklist’ Fall Finale recap: 5×08 “Ian Garvey”

The Blacklist Fall Finale recap: Season 5, Episode 8, “Ian Garvey,” Aired Nov. 15, 2017 “Until you stop lying, there will be no peace.” Number 13: Ian Garvey Missing Liz keeps calling Tom’s phone. His mailbox is full and the team has a BOLO out on him. Red calls Liz. He has a lead on […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×03 “Upside Down Craft”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 3, “Upside Down Craft,” Aired Nov. 10, 2017 Last week, we were teased with the reveal of a traitor on the team. The promo showed Jane, Patterson, and Zapata when talking about the traitor. Which one of them, if any, would it be? Let’s find out. Tattoo of the Week […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×07 “The Kilgannon Corporation”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 7, “The Kilgannon Corporation,” Aired Nov. 8, 2017 “Your mother brought you into this world, Colin. Did you really think she couldn’t take you out?” Number 48: The Kilgannon Corporation No Day At The Beach We kick this week off with a young family at the beach. Suddenly, bodies […]

‘Blindspot’ recap: 3×02 “Enemy Bag of Tricks”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “Enemy Bag of Tricks,” Aired Nov. 3, 2017 Tattoo of the Week Weller tells the team that he’s cracked the code on one of Jane’s tattoos. This seems to catch everyone off guard. We flashback to last week and Roman meeting with Weller. Jane’s new tattoos have a sequence. […]

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×06 “The Travel Agency”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 6, “The Travel Agency”, Aired Nov. 1, 2017 “And here I thought all old, rich, white men were good at golf.” The Travel Agency (Number 90) Kill, Kill, Kill A man, Dawson, receives orders to kill another man, Edward Knobbs. Red tells Liz that Mitchell Dunning, a high-end furniture […]

‘Blindspot’ season 3 premiere recap: 3×01 “Back to the Grind”

Blindspot season 3 premiere: Season 3, Episode 1, “Back to the Grind,” Aired Oct. 27, 2017 As season three opens, we are treated to a bright and fun montage, consisting of Jane and Weller’s wedding day, their moving to Colorado (so that Weller can be closer to his child, Bethany), and their new domesticity. That […]