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Ellen is a TV-holic and professional daydreamer. The subjects of her daydreams include mythical creatures, superheroes, and blue jeeps. She also loves photography, writing, and dancing. Her drink of choice for study sessions is green tea. If you see holes in her writing, it's because her rabbits ate her homework.

‘The Crossing’: Post-season review

Earlier this month, ABC’s new drama The Crossing rounded up its first and only season. The network cancelled the show despite its relatively good ratings. Which is a shame, because things were just heating up too. What went wrong? Too much going on. Had The Crossing been too ambitious? They did have a lot going on […]

‘The Crossing’: recap of the final 2 episodes

The Crossing episodes “The Androcles Option” and “These are the Names” aired June 9, 2018. This is it. The final lap. Ready… So AJ shot Foster, who bled out and died. Lindauer receives to move the refugees to high security prisons. Hence, Eve has to move up the timeline of her genocide plan. Lindauer explains […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “Hope Smiles from the Threshold”

The Crossing episode 9, “Hope Smiles from the Threshold”, aired June 4th, 2018. This show is more complicated than a rollercoaster ride. SO much has happened, yet it feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of what is to come. The creator 2194. Rebecca’s daughter, Rachel, was taken in the night. Following the incident, Caleb […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “The Long Morrow”

The Crossing episode 8, “The Long Morrow”, aired 28 May 2018. Spoiler: The Crossing is not renewed for season 2. Another spoiler: Emma Ren is officially dead. Well that explains it. You say you want a revolution Hannah isn’t the only survivor Roy is on good terms with. It appears he occasionally chats with Paul too. […]

‘The Flash’ season 4 FINALE!: “We are the Flash” recap

The Flash season 4 episode 23, “We are the Flash” aired May 22, 2018. Another season gone! It seems way too fast. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Flash still has to stop Clifford from launching the Enlightenment. Professor Devoe? Professor Devoe? Oh my god he f—ing dead. Captain Singh is here! I miss […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×22 “Think Fast”

The Flash episode “Think Fast” aired 15 May 2018. Wait, we’re at the second-last episode of the season? Looking back, a lot of The Flash has felt like filler since the mid-season break. It’s kinda underwhelming. Anyway, it seems like Clifford has gotten over Marlize’s departure. He impersonates John Diggle to get into the A.R.G.U.S. facility […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream”

The Crossing episode 7, “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream”, aired 14 May 2018. Another episode and still no news of Emma Ren. They keep showing her in the ‘previously’ montage, so we haven’t seen the last of her yet… Sheriff Ellis has Lindauer detained in the station. Lindauer tries to spin it such that Jude […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×21 “Harry and the Harrisons”

The Flash season 4 episode 21 “Harry and the Harrisons” aired May 8, 2018. Ah yes, it’s that episode. It’s not truly a season of The Flash until you remind everyone of Tom Cavanagh’s proclivity for playing just about any personality. The Council Reconvenes Harry wonders why Clifford DeVoe has not already pulverised everyone’s brains. He and […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “LKA”

The Crossing episode 6, “LKA”, aired 7 May, 2018. Hello everyone. It’s another episode of The Crossing and we still don’t know how is Emma Ren. A quick google of the title shows that it could be an acronym for “last known alive”. Is there hope for our Agent, then? If last week was a flashback […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×20 “Therefore she is”

The Flash episode “Therefore She Is” aired on May 1, 2018. I’ll say it. I like Marlize DeVoe. Tonight’s episode was just the cherry on top. Like it’s earlier counterpart “Therefore I Am”, “Therefore She Is” had many flashbacks to the DeVoes early life together. These offered insight to her complicated relationship with her husband. […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “Ten Years Gone”

The Crossing episode 5 “Ten Years Gone” aired April 30, 2018. Hello The Crossing?! How’s Emma Ren??? Is she alive? You can’t just leave me hanging for a week and still not give a definite answer! That aside, “Ten Years Gone” finally brought all the different characters together. We learnt more about the ‘first arrivals’, Marshall, […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×19 “Fury Rogue”

The Flash episode “Fury Rogue” aired April 24 2018. It’s another heist with Leonard Snart! Should be fun, right? Sadly, unlike last season’s analogous episode, “Fury Rogue” is subdued by the need to push the plot forward, as well as let the characters grieve Ralph Dibny. Still, having Snart around can never go too wrong. […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “The Face of Oblivion”

The Crossing episode 4 “The Face of Oblivion” aired April 23 2018. I think I know the philosophy of this show. ‘But’. You think it’s going somewhere…BUT – here’s another plot twist/cliffhanger! A child for a child So Reece does have Oliver. How did she know he was Jude’s kid? Oliver is really gullible to follow […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×18 “Lose Yourself”

The Flash episode “Lose Yourself” aired on 17 April, 2018. Lose Yourself? More like lose your mind. First of all, this episode is intense. Secondly, WTF??! Iris and Caitlin both got stabbed and yet no one seemed too concerned? Harry lashed out at Cisco and never apologised? Arrrgh! Also, I am disappointed The Flash did not make use […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “Pax Americana”

The Crossing season 1 episode 3, “Pax Americana” aired 16 April 2018. Secrets, conspiracies, and murder – The Crossing has it all. As if the eugenics, politics and time travel wasn’t enough already. The show took a step back from its mains this week to uncover some of the other characters’ dirty laundry. Also, the […]