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An FSU alumna, Surya can be found in her home probably reading a book in soft lighting as classical music plays, wine always at hand. Indian and Catholic, she’s always been a conundrum but her sister says “she’s alright.” Television has always been an interest and her second home is Dallas, Texas.

‘The Resident’ 2×03 recap: Infidelity, miscarriages, and the old switcheroo

The Resident 2×03, “Three Words”, Aired October 8, 2018. The Resident 2×03 basically took time and scrunched it up so that the past and present collided all episode long. Viewers learned about 3 years’ worth of CoNic’s previous relationship within an hour. “Three Words” also showcased tension between Bell and Winthrop, Dr. Austin taking a […]

‘The Resident’ 2×02 recap: “The Prince & The Pauper”

The Resident 2×02, “The Prince & The Pauper”, Aired October 1, 2018. The Resident is back to its old ways of calling out the system. Thank God. The show is groundbreaking with how it focuses on issues within the healthcare industry. In The Resident 2×02, we watch our team struggle to save two children and […]

‘The Resident’ season 2 premiere recap: Preemies, fake ORs, and hackers

The Resident Season 2 Premiere,”00:42:30″, Aired September 25, 2018. This post contains spoilers for The Resident season 2 premiere, “00:42:30” The Resident season 2 premiere came in with a bang. Seriously, there was a lot of thunder. “00:42:30” had everyone staring at their TVs in shock and intrigue. I cried twice throughout the episode. That’s pretty epic. […]

‘Halloweentown’ movies ranked in spookiness from worst to best

It’s Fall, y’all and you know what that means!!!! HALLOWEEN!!!! I love me some spooky, but I don’t do scary movies. Is that weird? Probably. It’s rare to find people who love Halloween, but hate horror movies. Luckily, Disney Channel gets people like me and they released the best Halloween movie franchise ever with *drum […]

‘Southern Charm’ match-up: The cast meets ‘Game of Thrones’

Southern Charm and Game of Thrones are on polar opposites of the television spectrum, yet their casts have quite a bit in common. Kathryn Dennis posted an amazing photo with the caption “Dracarys.” Once we saw that, this post was already formed in our minds. We decided to match up the cast of Game of […]

‘Trial & Error’ season 1: Spoiler-free review of NBC’s new mockmentary

Trial & Error Season 1, Aired March 14, 2017 to April 18, 2017. NBC’s Trial and Error is a play on the mockumentary style of Parks and Recreation and The Office with its own secret charm. It’s truly fascinating how odd the series is. The show has major twists and is hilarious. It’s perfect to watch when […]

‘Southern Charm’ season 5 reunion part 1: Craig on the rampage

Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Part 1, Aired Thursday July 19, 2018. After a very tumultuous season, we have arrived to the Southern Charm season 5 reunion. Viewers were shocked by some of the worst behavior in reality TV history this season. Even Chrissy Teigen was appalled. However, part 1 of the reunion could have […]

‘Southern Charm’ 5×12: Crowning the winner and loser of ‘Gone Girl’

Southern Charm Season 5, Episode 12, “Gone Girl”, Aired June 21, 2018. Welcome to the South y’all. Southern Charm brings the drama of reality TV with the grandeur of Charleston, South Carolina’s gentility. This season has seen some turns and some twists, but no one was prepared to see Kathryn Dennis rise from the ashes […]

‘SEAL Team’ 1×15 recap: Welcome, would you like your drugs to go?

SEAL Team Season 1, Episode 15, “No Man’s Land”, Aired Wednesday March 7, 2018. I guess no matter what part of the world you’re in, drugs are a hot commodity. Jalalabad is no exception. Thanks to some pretty janky heroin found at Kamal’s house, the boys have a potential reason as to why Echo Team […]

‘SEAL Team’ 1×14: All the highlights from “Call Out”

SEAL Team Season 1, Episode 14, “Call Out,” Aired February 28, 2018. The Winter Olympics came and went and all of our favorite shows are back. Congrats to Team USA on so many victories and accomplishments! I wish I was as cool and as graceful on a snowboard. I’d probably sever my spinal cord in […]

‘Scandal’ 7×09: Promo breakdown and predictions for “Good People”

Scandal 7×09 “Good People” airs Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 9/8c on ABC. What happened in that basement? Definitely not monopoly even though the game is a form of torture in itself. The big question for Thursday’s episode is if Quinn’s 100% dead or if Annalise Keating came in and hoodwinked us all. Thanks to […]

‘Scandal’ season premiere recap: 7×01 “Watch Me”

Scandal season premiere recap: Season 7, Episode 1, “Watch Me”, Aired  October 5, 2017. Welcome to October. Leaves are changing, PSLs are being sold in droves, and most importantly, our favorite shows are back. Scandal’s 7th and final season premiered this past Thursday, so bring out your wine and popcorn and let’s discuss the best and […]

‘Bones’: Best Booth GIFs to celebrate David Boreanaz’s SEAL Team

Bones may have ended earlier this year, but worry not my friends! David Boreanaz will be gracing our TV screens very soon with his new CBS drama, SEAL Team. I am so very excited, but also very very terrified. It’s a whole new show and he won’t be Booth, but we have to keep an […]

‘Reign’: 4×04 ‘Playing with Fire’ promo and predictions

Reign‘s “Playing with Fire” airs Friday, March 3, 2017 at 9/8c on The CW. Reign is back, Reign is back, Reign is back! I’ve been doing this little dance number for the last few weeks! I cannot begin to explain how much I love this show. Friday’s episode is sure to be one hot and captivating […]

‘Reign’: Best moments from 4×03 ‘Leaps of Faith’

Reign‘s ‘Leaps of Faith’ aired on Friday, February 24, 2017. You guys, Reign has been ON FIRE this season. It just started and it’s already making me bite my nails, cry, scream, and basically go through a rollercoaster of emotions. After Friday’s episode, my neighbors probably think I’m insane. Anyways, Reign‘s ‘Leaps of Faith’ was an incredible […]