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Sarah is an artist and a writer who watches a little too much TV. Sarah is obsessed with words, featuring them in her art. She is working on her first novel in between TV shows.

Harry Potter: 7 Reasons the Golden Trio was friendship goals

The Harry Potter trio, often called the Golden Trio, was one of the best parts about the series. The friendship they had was an integral part of the series, growing over the course of the seven books. Although they came from very different backgrounds, they came together to help each other survive their very intense […]

5 Reasons why ‘Harry Potter’ is timeless and still resonates with fans

The Harry Potter series is 20-years-old this year. With a new generation being introduced to the Harry Potter universe through the Wizarding World and the Fantastic Beasts franchise, new Potterheads are joining the family every year. What makes this series so beloved? What makes it able to span across two decades and still be followed […]

5 Times Hermione Granger was the real hero of ‘Harry Potter’

The 20th anniversary of Harry Potter is upon us, and I cannot believe it’s been that long. These books (and films) have touched the lives of so many people. The character that touched me the most was Hermione Granger. The incredibly smart, sassy, and bold girl was the epitome of everything I wanted to be. […]

Paying tribute to the 3 father figures in Harry Potter’s life

With Father’s Day this weekend, I thought it was fitting to pay tribute to the fathers in Harry Potter. James Potter I, of course, gets the ‘father of the year’ award because of his sacrifice to save his wife and son. However, with James unfortunately absent from Harry’s life, who did he turn to for […]

3 ‘Fantastic Beasts’ fan theories and why they hold water

The Harry Potter universe is filled with fan theories. From Ron Weasley being a time-traveling Dumbledore, to Harry’s horcrux being the source of the Dursley’s hate, there are endless fan theories that range from plausible to the teacher from Incredibles. Fantastic Beasts is no different, spawning its own fan theories. Here are three fan theories […]

Everything we know so far about ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’

If you somehow haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet, stop and go watch it right now. This post will have spoilers. Now that you’ve seen it, let’s continue. The trailer for the second movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise dropped in March, and I am freaking out. Here’s some things we […]