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Sarah is a Personal Assistant who spends her spare time writing and reading. She is obsessed with romantic suspense and any kind of hero. When she’s not working, reading, writing, or chasing her nephew, Sarah’s watching shows! Ships are her passion! Olicity, Captain Swan, and Clace are the top — for now!

Empire recap 4×08 “Cupid Painted Blind”

Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 8, “Cupid Painted Blind”, Aired Dec. 6, 2017 Andre is the last of the three to get hit by Diana. Hakeem and Jamal are still dealing with the fallout from their Diana related problems. Cookie and Lucious are trying to keep their family safe while somebody pulls a disappearing act. Under […]

Dynasty recap 1×08 “The Best Things in Life

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Best Things in Life”, Aired Dec. 6, 2017 Tree lighting, balcony sex, and blackmail, oh my! Things got pretty heavy for what was supposed to be a lighthearted and happy holiday celebration. But, that is how the Carringtons tend to do things. We wouldn’t have it any other way! […]

Marvel’s Runaways recap 1×05 “Kingdom”

Marvel’s Runaways recap Season 1, Episode 5, “Kingdom”, Released on Hulu, Dec. 5th, 2017 The race was on in this week’s episode of Runaways! Our group made their way after Alex’s kidnappers to save their friend. There was some serious girl power in this episode, and we are definitely here for it! But that wasn’t the […]

Pure Fandom Set Exclusive: NBC’s ‘Taken’ cast previews season 2 and new characters

Pure Fandom got the awesome opportunity to head to the set of Taken! We learned all kinds of cool things about what’s going to happen when the show premieres in January, and we’re here to share them with  you! Among tours of the set and an awesome sit down with the new showrunner, Greg Plageman, we […]

Showrunner Greg Plageman talks big changes for NBC’s ‘Taken’ season 2

It’s official! Taken will be making its way back to our screens for a second season on Jan. 12th, 2018! Didn’t see the first season? That’s okay! The first season is certainly worth looking into, but the second season is coming into play in a completely different way! New Season We at Pure Fandom got the chance […]

Pure Fandom talks Falling Water with Remi Aubuchon and Tim Andrew

Falling Water is coming back to USA Network for a second season. But things are going to be very different this time around. Not only as far as the story line goes, but for cast and crew members as well. Remi Aubuchon has joined as show runner. He came in to speak with Pure Fandom […]

Marvel’s Runaways recap 1×04 “Fifteen”

Marvel’s Runaways recap Season 1, Episode 4, Released on Hulu, Nov. 28th, 2017 This week’s episode was all about the relationship and ties that bind them. Not only for our favorite group of soon to be heroes, but for our super villains as well. Deeper friendships and bonds will be forged as the kids really […]

Empire recap 4×07 “The Lady Doth Protest”

Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “The Lady Doth Protest”, aired Nov. 29th, 2017 The memories just keep on flowing as remnants of our Lucious make themselves known. We enjoyed you while you were here, Dwight, but we aren’t too sad to be seeing you go either. Even though the ruling has been stated, the Lyons […]

Dynasty recap 1×07 “A Taste of Your Own Medicine”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “A Taste of Your Own Medicine”, Aired Nov. 29th, 2017 It’s Thanksgiving for the Carringtons! As you would expect, things don’t go anywhere close to the perfectly planned event. Between bites of Turkey and stuffing, come guns, arguing, and football. Perfect Thanksgiving Sammy has no problem pulling his own weight […]

Top 10 reasons we are loving ‘Marvel’s Runaways’!

New episodes of Marvel’s Runaways are available Tuesdays on Hulu! People with Hulu are loving the new original show, Marvel’s Runaways. People without Hulu are rushing to become subscribers so they can watch too! There are so many reasons to love this new show. It almost seems like a crime to narrow it down to […]

Empire recap 4×06 “Fortune Be Not Crost”

Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 6, “Fortune Be Not Crost”, aired Nov. 15th, 2017 Even though it seems each member of the Lyon family is going in different directions, they all unite for Hakeem. They’ll stand by him and ensure he gets custody of Bella. We’re on your side ‘Keem! Meanwhile, the DuBois continue plotting against […]

Dynasty recap episode 1×06 “I Exist Only for Me”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “I Exist Only for Me”, Aired Nov. 15th, 2017 Things are getting pretty cold where Fallon is concerned in this episode. Except this time, she’s the one at risk for exposure, instead of dealing out ice like usual. It seems everyone has had just about enough of her crap. On […]

Dynasty recap episode 1×05 “Company Slut”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Company Slut”, Aired Nov. 8th, 2017 Magazine covers, competing models, and ex-boyfriends. We’re getting used to every episode having just about everything we can think of. But this episode took that to a whole new level. We found ourselves cheering and jeering throughout the entire episode! Let’s break it down! […]

Empire recap episode 4×05 “The Fool”

Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 5, “The Fool”, aired Nov. 8th, 2017 This just may be our favorite episode of the season so far! There was just so much goodness happening! We had a few things that we got worried on how they were going to work out. But ultimately, things may just be heading down […]

Dynasty recap episode 1×04 “Private as a Circus”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Private as a Circus”, Aired Nov. 1, 2017 How far will the Carrington family go to protect their secrets? Well, we now know they will step outside their comfort zone of the mansion. Desperation was definitely the name of the game this week. Blake is desperate to get Matthew’s phone […]