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Reagan studies English and Film Studies at Texas Tech University. She aspires to be a film and television critic or entertainment writer. She loves all things TV and film. She spends her free time obsessing and blogging about Arrow, Teen Wolf, and Supergirl. Her favorite superhero is Lois Lane.

‘The Bold Type’ Recap: 1×07 “Three Girls in a Tub”

The Bold Type 1×07 “Three Girls in a Tub” aired Tuesday, August 15th, 2017. Before we dive into this recap, let’s take a moment to squeal over how amazing Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s friendship is. Week after week they are supportive of each other, honest with each other, and so comfortable with each other – […]

‘Arrow’: 7 Funniest Felicity Smoak lines

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is, well, a total badass. She’s a hero in her own right and has probably the largest fanbase of any character in the Arrowverse. But it’s important to embrace your roots – before she was a CEO, Overwatch, or the potential future Mrs. Queen, Felicity was Arrow’s main source of humor. The […]

‘The Bold Type’: 1×06 ‘The Breast Issue’ recap

The Bold Type episode 1×06 “The Breast Issue” aired August 8th, 2017. Happy Tuesday, Bold Types! It’s the best day of the week, and it’s getting just a little bit better. PureFandom.com is your latest source for all things The Bold Type, starting with weekly recaps! So let’s get into it! This week’s episode was […]

5 Reasons why ‘The Bold Type’ is your new obsession

If you haven’t heard of Freeform’s newest hit show, The Bold Type, you must have been actively avoiding all human interaction for the past five weeks. The show has taken social media by storm, and was one of the most talked about shows on Twitter immediately after premiering. But why are people so obsessed with […]

5 Years Ago Today, Felicity Smoak Was Born

Happy Arrowversary, Emily Bett Rickards. As many of you know, Arrow almost went a completely different direction than the show we know and love today. For those of you who don’t, allow me to enlighten you. Five years ago (to the day) Emily Bett Rickards filmed her first scene on Arrow. It was supposed to […]

‘Arrow’: Ranking the first 5 seasons

Arrow has reached an ending of sorts in its narrative. But despite the conclusion of the originally planned five seasons, the show shows no signs of stopping. Arrow is not known for sticking to the game plan (and thank goodness for that) but if they had, we’d be faced with an Arrowless life after last […]

Teen Choice 2017: Choice TV Ship nominees

The first wave of voting has ended, and FOX has announced the final nominees for the Teen Choice Awards 2017: Choice TV Ship. Check out the list below to see who’s nominated and why they deserve your vote! If you’re convinced, click the ship’s name to vote for them! #BELLARKE (Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley) […]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: The top 15 musical numbers

It’s no secret that Rachel Bloom and the writing staff over at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are geniuses. The show is a hysterical musical comedy that critics love. The best moments in the show are often songs – whether they are making us laugh until we cry, or just cutting straight to the tears, here are the fifteen […]

Best Arrow Character Poll Series: See who won!

It’s been a long few weeks of voting in various polls, but finally, we have a winner. Before we get to that announcement, I want to thank all of you who participated in this poll! It’s been a lot of fun narrowing down your favorite Arrow characters. Without further ado, your absolute favorite Arrow character […]

Best Arrow Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite character

Arrow fans! The time has finally come. This is our final week of the Best Arrow Character Poll Series. It’s time to let us know who your absolute favorite Arrow character is. For the past few weeks, we’ve asked you to vote for your favorite character in a variety of categories and it’s all been […]

7 Plot points we hope to see resolved in the Sense8 special

Sensates!! Today is a day of victory! For weeks you’ve tweeted, called, emailed, and posted, and finally Netflix has listened! If you haven’t heard the news, the official Sense8 twitter announced today that the show will be getting a two-hour wrap up next year. It’s not a new season, but it’s welcome news after continued insistence […]

‘Arrow’ Season 6: Where the show could go from here

Arrow‘s season five finale was nothing short of the end of an era. The episode eloquently paid homage to the previous five seasons, and in doing so shut the door on the Arrow we know and love. So, with the flashback arc concluded and Team Arrow trapped on an exploding Lian Yu, where does the […]

Best Arrow Character Poll Series: Vote for your most missed character

Welcome to the final themed poll week before our overall Best Arrow Character Poll! That’s right, next week all of your favorite characters from each round will go head to head to see who is your ultimate favorite. But, first things first, last week we asked your favorite flashback character and the competition was tough […]

5 Reasons to catch up on ‘Arrow’

In it’s fourth and fifth season, the CW’s Arrow suffered a huge loss in viewership. The reasons for this aren’t completely known, but a quick look around social media reveals plenty of theories. Former fans attribute their departure to factors such as the death of Laurel Lance, the break-up of fan favorite couple “Olicity”, and just […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite flashback character

Arrow fans! It’s time yet again for our weekly Arrow character poll series! Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite family member. For your favorite relative, you chose… Moira Queen This week, we want your opinions about the most controversial aspect of Arrow – the flashbacks. Love them or hate them, they’ve been integral […]