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Nicole is a full time wife and mother from Texas. When she’s not attending her children’s soccer games she’s watching her favorite shows. She never misses The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, TGIT, and Nashville just to name a few. Nicole enjoys interacting with the writers and casts of her favorite shows on Twitter as well as engaging the fans and getting their thoughts on the episodes. Being a writer has been her dream since she was a little girl and she's thrilled to be working towards that dream.

‘The Bachelor’: 6 Top Moments from After the Final Rose

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 11, Aired March 6, 2018 If you watched The Bachelor After the Final Rose last night, you probably still have your mouth open. Several of the ladies were back, as was Becca, to give Arie a piece of their minds. We also got to see how it all played out […]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 22 Finale Recap: What the…?

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 10, Aired March 05, 2018 The season finale of The Bachelor is finally here! Will it be Lauren or Becca that has captured Arie’s heart? Will there be a proposal? What is this huge dramatic event that is supposed to take place? Let’s find out! Who will win over the […]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 22: Glam Shaming on the ‘The Women Tell All’

The Bachelor: Season 22, “The Women Tell All,” Aired Feb. 25, 2018 18 of the ladies are brought back on this special episode of The Bachelor. There are tears and a whole lotta drama. The women finally get to give their true feelings. Not only about the process of the show, but also each other. […]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 22, Episode 9: The Final Two Picked in Peru!

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 9, Aired Feb. 26, 2018 There are three ladies left on The Bachelor this week—Kendall, Lauren, and Becca—couldn’t be more different. The foursome heads to Peru for the potential overnight dates. Arie has planned three very different dates for three very different women. Let’s recap! Dune buggy racing. Arie takes […]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 22, Episode 8: Arie’s top 3 are revealed during hometown visits

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 08, Aired Feb. 19, 2018 We’re down to the final four on The Bachelor this week! The ladies are all taking Arie home to meet their parents. Arie will have hard questions thrown at him by very overprotective dads and uncles. Do you think he can handle the pressure? We’re […]

‘The Bachelor’ 22×07: Arie chooses his final 4 in Tuscany

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 7, Aired Feb. 12, 2018 It’s time for fine wine and fine dining this week on The Bachelor. Arie and the ladies are in Tuscany, Italy for the week. At the beginning of the week, Chris Harrison drops a bombshell on the ladies. There will not be a rose ceremony […]

‘The Bachelor’ recap” Season 22, Episode 6: Part 2

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 06, Part 2, Aired Feb. 05, 2018 This week on The Bachelor, Arie and the ladies are in Paris. Is there anything more romantic than that? We think not! We hope that the city of love is ready for the drama ten beautiful ladies and one eligible bachelor brings. This week, […]

‘The Bachelor’ recap: Season 22, Episode 5

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 05, Aired Jan. 29, 2018 This week on The Bachelor, Arie is taking the ladies to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He thinks a little fun in the sun is just what the ladies need. We think some of these women are like gremlins. You put them in water and they lose […]

The 7 best moments from the ‘Shameless’ season 8 finale

Shameless season 8 finale: Episode 12, “Sleepwalking,” Aired Jan. 28, 2018 It’s already that time Shameless fans! Hard to believe that the season finale has already arrived! What kind of crazy shenanigans will go down this week? We’ve got the 7 best moments and questions for next season! #1. Here comes the bride. Svetlana kidnapped her […]

The 6 best moments from ‘Shameless’ episode 8×11, “A Gallagher Pedicure”

Shameless recap: Season 8, Episode 11 “A Gallagher Pedicure,” Aired Jan. 21, 2018. This week on Shameless, it’s all out war with Fiona and the guy who fell off her roof! A Gallagher is also losing a few toes! We’ve got the 6 best moments! #1. Pastor Gallagher Ian is still holding church and trying […]

‘The Bachelor’ 22×04 recap: Drama, Drama, Drama!

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 04, Aired January 22, 2018 Who’s ready to go to Lake Tahoe, Nevada? That’s where Arie is taking the ladies on this week’s episode of The Bachelor. So by default, we all get to come too! We have no idea what to pack and apparently neither do the ladies. They […]

‘The Bachelor’ 22×03 recap: Arie sends two ladies home before the rose ceremony

The Bachelor recap: Season 22, Episode 03, Aired Jan. 15, 2018 This week on The Bachelor, Arie shows that he means business when it comes to finding a wife. He’s not waiting around for the rose ceremony to send people home. Tensions are high in the house when the ladies learn that they can go […]

‘Shameless’ Episode 8×10: 7 Best Moments

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 10 “Church of Gay Jesus,” Aired January 14, 2018. This week on Shameless, there’s a wedding and a funeral! We’ve got the 7 best moments! #1. Svetlana is shopping for an old rich husband. Kevin and V are helping Svetlana try and meet a rich husband. She prefers one with one […]

5 Reasons We’re Excited About the ‘Roseanne’ Revival

Roseanne: Season 10, Episode 1, “Twenty Years to Life,” Set to Air March 27, 2018 America’s favorite family is back and better than ever! ABC is bringing back Roseanne in March and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are the top 5 reasons we’re so excited! #1. The series did not end well. Let’s be honest, […]

The 6 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ episode 1×11, “3 X 1”

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 11, “3 X 1,” Aired Jan. 1, 2018 This week on The Gifted, the Frost sisters are still pulling strings to get mutants on their side. Will their trick work? We have the six best moments broken down for you! #1. The Strucker’s are leaving. Reed and Kate make the decision […]