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Mike loves to geek out over Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. He is 100% Slytherin, a Sith Supporter and thinks Negan is probably the hero of Walking Dead.

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×11: 3 Best Moments of “Dead or Alive or”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 11, “Dead or Alive or,” Aired March 11, 2018 The gang is all back together! After all this time and a whole lot of bad things along the way, (including some death and general destruction of all their homes), the various groups finally made their way to Hilltop. Here are […]

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×10: 4 Best Moments of “The Lost and the Plunderers”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 10, “The Lost and the Plunderers,” Aired March 4, 2018 It was another week that we inched closer to a final confrontation between Rick and the Saviors. Now that we have gotten the emotions and crying (mostly) out of the way, we can continue on with the second half […]

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×09: 4 Best Moments of “Honor”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 9, “Honor,” Aired February 25, 2018 We are officially back with the second half of season 8 of The Walking Dead and boy was this a doozy.  So many emotions, so many feelings, and the final episode of Carl.  Here are the best moments of the episode (and […]

‘Legion’: 4 Reasons you should catch up NOW

Good news everyone, we officially have a date for season 2 of Legion on FX.  The confusing adventures of David Haller continue April 3rd! We even got a few short teasers, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you what was happening in them.  If you haven’t caught up on season one or even started […]

‘The Walking Dead’ 8b Trailer: 3 Thoughts we had

Listen up everyone, there are only 3 weeks to go until season 8b of The Walking Dead starts up!  And much to everyone’s excitement, they gave us a super sweet trailer to get us hyped.  It had everything; dramatic music, intense speeches, and words of wisdom from a dying Carl.  You  know – everything. So […]

Can Angela Kang fix ‘The Walking Dead’?

Huge news from the world of Walkers and barb wired baseball bats as The Walking Dead announced some changes to their production staff for Season 9.  Angela Kang, who has been a writer on the show since 2011, will take over as show runner.  Current show runner Scott Gimple is now taking over as the […]

‘The Walking Dead’: 3 reasons we’re NOT okay with Carl’s fate (and 3 we are)

(Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8 mid-season finale) Before the second half of The Walking Dead starts, let’s take a moment to talk about the latest (likely) death – Carl Grimes.  As you all know, at the end of the mid-season finale it was revealed that Carl was bitten, and headed to certain doom.  We […]