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Madeline is a college student majoring in journalism with a minor in broadcasting. When she isn't writing for Hollywood News Source, Talk Nerdy With Us or her college's paper, she's drinking too much coffee and probably fangirling over Captain Swan. She also likes to watch Hallmark movies and mercilessly rewatches 'Once Upon a Time'.

‘Once Upon a Time’ spoiler free review: 7×01 “Hyperion Heights”

Check out my Once Upon a Time 7×01 spoiler free review! Once Upon a Time spoiler free review of 7×01 “Hyperion Heights,” airing October 6, 2017  You guys are not even ready for this reboot, and I mean this in a good way. While I cannot divulge too much (I’ll be duct taping my mouth […]

Rebecca Mader returns to ‘Once Upon a Time’: The best of Zelena

The return of Rebecca Mader to Once Upon a Time is happening! What was a good way to end a long day of classes, work, and homework?  The recent announcement of Rebecca Mader returning for several episodes of season 7 of Once Upon a Time. Yes, our favorite Wicked Witch is returning to cast a spell in the reboot. So […]

The best of Colin O’Donoghue

I break down the best of Colin O’Donoghue! Colin O’Donoghue is hands down one of my favorite celebrities ever. Besides Taylor Swift, whom I also love. Colin had us hooked the first time he was shown in all his leather-clad, guyliner glory on Once Upon a Time. And just like Killian Jones, Colin is just as amazing […]

Why ‘The Good Doctor’ should be on your fall TV list

The Good Doctor to inspire this fall on ABC! Now that the fall TV lineup has been released, we are tasked with choosing which new and returning shows we should watch. For me, I’ve only really followed Once Upon a Time, but this year, I wanted to give a new TV show a try (all while avoiding […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 7: What’s to become of Emma & Captain Swan

We take a look at my Emma Swan and Captain Swan theories for season 7! As we all probably know, Emma Swan will only be gracing our screens for one last time in the second episode of season 7. And if you’re like me, you’re probably just as heartbroken to see our favorite heroine and […]

Ranking of Hook’s personas on ‘Once Upon a Time’

We take a look at Hook’s best personas in Once Upon a Time! So if you didn’t already know this about me, my favorite character is definitely Hook, and he has had multiple personas throughout the series. Without furtherado, I have ranked the type of Hooks from most favorite to least favorite. But even our […]

‘Once Upon a Time’: The best of Captain Charming

We take a look at Once Upon a Time: The best of Captain Charming! Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Captain Charming totally was canon in the show. You know I love Captain Swan, but Captain Charming is a close second for the best ship on the show. Their friendship took some time, but eventually, the prince […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ ships as Taylor Swift songs

We take a look at Once Upon a Time ships as Taylor Swift songs! In honor of Taylor Swift literally dropping the best news today of her sixth album release and newest single, I’m picking out the perfect song that goes with the top four ships of the show. There’s no denying Taylor Swift has some of […]

Heroes we all need: The ladies of ‘Once Upon a Time’

Read all about Once Upon a Time female empowerment! I love a show where there are some independent, butt-kicking female leads. Once Upon a Time has a full supply of women who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and don’t wait for their dashing knights to come rescue them. Emma, Snow, Regina, Zelena and […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ characters as a Taylor Swift song

I matched Once Upon a Time characters as a Taylor Swift song! What do I love more than this show? Taylor Swift. There are tons of Taylor Swift songs for the various moods you may be in, but there are also Taylor Swift songs that relate to the main characters. Also, it’s an excuse for […]

‘Once Upon a Time’: Lessons gleaned from those hero types

Read our list of things we learned from Once Upon a Time! If you get the headline of this article, you win, and you also may be a big Hook fan too. Oftentimes, the people in our lives don’t understand our obsession for a T.V. show. But what are the reasons as to why we […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 7: Magical theories

We speculate with Once Upon a Time season 7 theories! As we await the seventh season and the reboot of Once Upon a Time, I have decided to have some fun and do some speculation for what is to come. Please note I do not know anything about what is happening, and these theories are purely […]

Killian Jones: Favorite scenes of our favorite swashbuckler

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Killian Jones scenes! After meeting and talking with Colin O’Donoghue this weekend (yes, it happened and it was amazing), I wanted to focus on the best Hook scenes. There has been a lot of Hook scenes that have stunned viewers. Whether he’s being sassy, romantic or a hero, Killian […]

Monumentally musical season 6 ‘Once Upon a Time’ scenes

Read all about our favorite season 6 Once Upon a Time scenes! While season 6 was super angsty, I have to admit there were a lot of monumental scenes. Oh and very tear inducing scenes. On top of all that, Captain Swan graced us with some goodies as well. Most importantly, we finally had a musical episode! […]

(Fictional) relationship goals: Captain Swan edition

We take a look at relationship goals: Captain Swan edition! It’s no secret that I am a total Captain Swan fangirl. Nor is it a secret that I think they are totally (fictional) relationship goals. Honestly, Killian Jones and Emma Swan have had some pretty swoon-worthy moments that we can’t help but be a little […]