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Liz is the co-founder of PureFandom.com, an always aspiring #fiercefemale, and loves geeking out over anything and all sci-fi. She believes Luke Skywalker is the most underrated Jedi and has spent an embarrassing number of hours theorizing about 'Game of Thrones'. She hosts several Pure Fandom podcasts on Game of Thrones, Marvel, and Star Wars. Nerd out with her on Twitter @lizprugh.

‘The Originals’ 5×09: 5 Reasons why we love Vincent Griffith

This article address The Originals 5×09 “We Have Not Long to Love” aired June 20, 2018. GUYS. WHAT! Caution ahead—major spoilers if you haven’t seen The Originals 5×09 “We Have Not Long to Love”. I’m on vacation (holla), so instead of a full recap of the episode, we’re going to focus on a character that we all […]

The Originals 5×08 recap: Can Elijah live with what he’s done?

The Originals 5×08 “The Kindness of Strangers” aired June 13, 2018. Originals fans, buckle up, because this is going to be one hell of an emotional recap. This episode was written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and Beau DeMayo, and directed by Kellie Cyrus. Hats-off to the writers of this beautifully written episode, because they must have drawn […]

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen’s most iconic outfits in GIFS

Well, Game of Thrones family, we are about five years away from the season 8 premiere (kidding, we have until April 2019, unofficially). To fill our fandom’s hearts in the interim, HBO has announced a greenlight for a prequel series pilot unofficially titled, Game of Thrones: Age of Heroes. The show is taking place almost a millennia before […]

The Originals 5×07 recap: I’m crying, you’re crying, we’re all crying

The Originals 5×07 “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” aired June 6, 2018. What makes The Originals such a wonderfully addictive show is something us fans like to call, “feels”. I’m talking kick-you-in-your-gut kind of feels, and this episode presented one of the very best of those moments the show has ever seen. This week we properly […]

‘The Originals’ Hayley Marshall: A playlist dedicated to her fierceness

Last night’s The Originals episode was a heartbreaking end to one of our favorite female characters on TV, Hayley Marshall. TVD and Originals fans, instead of simply reliving her best moments, we’re going to make a playlist in her honor. Add your favorite songs that remind you of the fierce, strong, badass mother and hybrid. Of […]

The Originals 5×06 recap: The tragic death of a lead character

The Originals 5×06 “What, Will, I, Have, Left” aired May 30, 2018. I have no words. No words! OK, I have some words, so let’s break down that emotionally-charged, heartbreaking episode. I’m going to dive right into it. Hayley Marshall’s legacy: A mother that will do anything to protect her child The most gut-wrenching part of […]

How ‘Solo’s big reveal sets up an Obi-Wan Kenobi film

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read at your own risk! Fans have either loved or felt “OK” about the latest Star Wars film, Solo. On either end, the majority of Star Wars fans have collectively agreed that the big reveal at the end of the film was just what […]

The Originals 5×05 recap: Standing up to hate, and loving yourself

The Originals 5×05 “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart ” aired May 16, 2018. Guys! This show is melting my heart each week. The journey of Klaus and Elijah on this show is continuing to get more in-depth, adding new layers to each of their insecurities and emotions. Each new character and “big bad” serves […]

The Originals 5×04: A new big bad, plus what needs to happen the rest of the season

This week’s episode brought several things to light: a vampire is who (we believe) took Hayley, Hayley is nowhere to be seen—except for some of her body parts being shipped in a box, an old threat of Klaus’ has returned, and we are STILL getting hints of Alaric—but no Alaric. Let’s break down these new […]

Marvel Movie Podcast: Every theory for Avengers Infinity War: Part 2

Still unable to process the craziness that is Avengers: Infinity War Part 1? We can’t either, which is why we break down all of the possible scenarios and theories for Infinity War: Part 2 in this podcast. SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers for Avengers Infinity War: Part 1 ahead! Go buy your movie ticket now and […]

The Originals 5×03: What’s next for Elijah—and Klaus 

The Originals 5×03 “Ne Me Quitte Pas” aired May 2, 2018. Hold on, and let me fix my high bun from FALLING FLAT ON MY FACE AFTER THAT EPISODE. We all knew that we needed a backstory of the last seven years while “E” was in hiding, but we weren’t expecting that. I have nothing else […]

Here’s what’s next for our superheroes after Avengers: Infinity War

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING, SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, THEN GO SEE IT NOW, AND COME BACK AND READ THIS 😃 Marvel movies timeline: Here’s the order to watch every Marvel film All of our favorite superheroes were packed into one movie, and it was just as the critics foretold—the movie […]

5 Key takeaways from The Originals 5×02 “One Wrong Turn On Bourbon”

The Originals 5×02 “One Wrong Turn On Bourbon” aired April 26, 2018. As expected, episode 2 of the fifth season of The Originals (written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and directed by Lance Anderson) brings more thrills and mystery. Our theory from last week proved true—Hope was the cause of her mother Hayley’s disappearance…but of course, someone else […]

5 Questions we have from ‘The Originals’ season 5 premiere

The Originals season 5 premiere “Where You Left Your Heart” aired April 18, 2018. If there’s one thing fans love about The Originals, it’s that the show always starts off with a bang. With this being the final season of the much-loved show, the writers continued to deliver with a premiere full of feels, fans […]

‘Shadowhunters’ 3×05 preview: Clary spills the beans and Jace has suspicions

Last week’s Shadowhunters episode brought us all ranges of emotions, and from the looks of the sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “Stronger Than Heaven”, we better get ready for another rollercoaster. Take a look at two clips below from tonight’s episode below. One features Clary finally confessing resurrecting Jace to Luke, and the second shows […]