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Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jonathan Thomas Jones was molded from swamp magic, cosmic dust and spare parts. He's always loved reading and storytelling and has known he's wanted to be a writer since he was nine years old. Starting with short stories, he has moved all the way up to novels and has now taken the steps to helping younger generations understand the world and themselves by writing children's books.

12 Marvel characters ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ opens the door for

Most of the movies in the MCU have opened both big and small doors for future films and even TV shows within the franchise. It’s the reason Marvel Studios has been so insanely successful and the object of so much shared universe envy. As the culmination of the 18 movies that have come before it […]

‘Black Panther’s’ Killmonger: Villain or Alternative Hero?

As I stated in my release day review, Black Panther is excellent. Everything about it intrigues me from cast and crew interviews, to the many cultural influences on the movies to Ryan Coogler’s personal experiences visiting Africa for research purposes. After scouring the internet as a test of my own objectivity, I have only found a […]

‘Black Panther’ review: The MCU’s new standard

When this much hype surrounds anything, it becomes difficult to temper one’s expectations. The excitement can blur the lines for someone attempting to watch with objectivity. Audiences that have never even considered seeing a Marvel movie before, have been preordering tickets and lining up in costume to see Black Panther. This is one of those […]

‘Bright’: 9 Important visuals and modern-day social parallels you may have missed

Netflix’s big budget blockbuster Bright has created a massive divide between critics and viewers. It’s pretty much the opposite reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There are more reasons for these opposing viewpoints than I can name here, but one of the primary complaints I’ve seen from both sides is that we don’t see […]