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I love writing for PureFandom for so many reasons, it’s hard to pick just a few but I’ll try. One of the greatest things about it is how the founders (Liz and Lindi) are always open to my weird ideas. As a writer, I really appreciate that they let me get creative and think outside of the box with articles. They encourage it even! PureFandom.com is a place where you can be your nerdiest self and nobody will judge you. The writers are all fantastic and we all geek out together behind the scenes. I love it here. If you are looking for a great place to grow your career and have a blast, it’s here. — Meg Bonney, Pure Fandom Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Agents of S.H.I.E.D.The 100, Riverdale expert 

One of my favorite things about watching good TV (and guilty pleasures) has always been the communal process that happens when you connect with people who love the same quirks of a character or twist in plot that you do. Writing for Liz and Lindi has given me the amazing opportunity to do two things I love: Indulge in great TV and my writing. I’ve had the chance to take things further and interview some very interesting people, learning even more about the shows I enjoy and the people behind them. This has been an amazing experience and Liz and Lindi offer the best support possible. Even more, I’ve managed to connect with a great group of writers. Looking forward to our continued collaboration. Cort Robinson, Pure Fandom Syfy Network expert and co-host of the hit podcast, Brad and Cort Talk 

I have always had a huge passion for TV shows and became a die-hard fangirl for shows like The Vampire Diaries, so when an opportunity came along to guest write for PF, I simply had to do it! Writing for PF has not only gave me an amazing chance to interact with other fans over my love of TV shows, but it has also taught me how to write better. Liz and Lindi always give out great feedback after every post, which was a great bonus as I am also a student and do many essays at uni. Not only is it fun writing for PF, but you also get to learn more and improve your writing skills. Zina Nouhas

The worlds that come alive on the big screen and the small screen have always had their pull. There is nothing better than watching a great, not so great, or even horrible show and having the ability to discuss what happened. With Pure Fandom, I have had the chance to talk about the shows that I enjoy, along with the opportunity to interview some of the people behind those shows. Working with Liz and Lindi, along with the rest of the writers, has been an incredible experience. Brad Zipprich, Pure Fandom Syfy Network expert and co-host of the hit podcast, Brad and Cort Talk 

My favorite part about writing for Pure Fandom is the support from the team, and the chance to fangirl to my full capacity. Being able to write about my favorite show and sharing my work with fans lets me connect with fellow Oncers! As a journalism major, this has helped me become a more disciplined writer, and also gives me creative freedom. Because who doesn’t love unapologetically geeking out over their ships and shows?! — Madeline Klepec, Once Upon a Time expert

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