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As you know, we (Liz and Lindi, PureFandom.com creators) are best friends and lovers of all things TV, movies, comics, sci-fi, fantasy … the list goes on! This adventure all started in 2012 when we fell in love with vampire TV shows (The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, to be specific!) and of course, writing.

We found that creating a blog was the perfect place for us to geek out – with no filter – about everything we love. We ended up creating our own perfect fan website, which led us to write for Entertainment Weekly, EW’s blog EW CommunityAOL’s Cambio.com, HelloGiggles, and appear at major comic cons like Wizard World, Walker Stalker, and San Diego Comic Con.

Along the way, we realized that there are more fans out there like us – like you! – and we’ve been introduced to tons and TONS of fandoms that we’ve fallen in love with. We thought, “why don’t we create the perfect fan website for ALL fans?!” And voila – PureFandom.com was born.

Join our kickass team of writers, podcasters, and YouTubers today! We are proud to say that more than 80% of our writers are female. #WomenSupportingWomen