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The Gen Con Diaries, Day Three: Gods of Metal: Ragnarok

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend one of the biggest tabletop gaming conventions? Join me for an insider peek!

Held annually in Indianapolis, In, Gen Con is where gamers and fans come together to celebrate their love of all things gaming by participating in tournaments, exhibits, live shows, auctions and seminars. 

Gods of Metal: Ragnarok

This event was unlike anything else I’ve seen at Gen Con. Gods of Metal: Ragnarok was part TTRPG part live rock concert and ALL metal! The six players; Brennan Lee Mulligan, Luis Carazo, Markeia McCarthy, Jason Charles Miller, Noxweiler Berf, Michelle Nguyen Bradley were humans freed from the doldrums of reality in Mundania and sent on a wild adventure in the crazy heavy metal world of Ragnarok. 

And yes, they were all members of a rock band. 

Does this sound unlike anything you’ve ever seen? It sure was for me! These rocker demi-gods were sent on an adventure from their manager, played by GM Ivan Van Norman, to recover the sacred heart before it can be claimed by the terrible dream dragon.

Gods of Metal: Ragnarok is an original ttrpg created by Ivan Van Norman and Hunters Entertainment. It made for a truly unique viewing experience, one that was definitely aided by the stellar musicians that accompanied the adventure. And though I didn’t come away from the game with a terribly clear idea of how exactly it was played, the show kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. (Also, a game that only uses d4’s? Whaaaat?

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for this game system, because I think its one that has to be played to be truly understood. That being said, whenever this show hits VOD, do yourself a favor and check it out immediately!

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Greta Kelly

Greta Kelly is (probably) not a witch, death or otherwise, but she can still be summoned with the Horn of Gondor or the promise of a ride in the Tardis. She loves all things fantasy and is the author of THE FROZEN CROWN and THE SEVENTH QUEEN, and her third book, THE QUEEN OF DAYS will be out in 2023. Find her on Instagram or Twitter at @gretakkelly to geek out about literally anything.

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