‘Critical Role’ 3×64 review: Reunited

The Bells Hells can go home again… or in this case, Jrusar on Critical Role, Episode 64, “Reunited”

Critical Role’ recap: Campaign 3, Episode 64 “Reunited” Aired July 6, 2023


Reunited opens by answering the question that’s been haunting us for weeks: how did Laura roll on the transportation spell? Terribly. Rather than landing in Jrusar, the Uthodurn team wound up facing a very angry (and very secretive) township of angry eisfuura. 

As cool as it was to see the eisfuura– and it was, I was glad they didn’t belabor this little sidequest, because I’ve been dying to see the Bells Hells reunited. One thing I didn’t see coming was FCG beginning to fray at the seams. We all know that FCG going red is bad business, but Sam’s been sketchy on the details of how to calm FCG down when he reaches that breaking point. The result was some quick thinking from the rest of the party, and that was pretty cool to see. Between calm emotions and the restorative powers of love’s kiss, FCG gains back enough points to come back to the world. 


It made sense that when the teleportation spells finally work, the Bells Hells headed for the Spire by Fire. Without Eshteross to go to, the bar is the closest thing the group has to a home. It was really interesting to see this little reunion. 

Of course it was heartwarming to see them so excited to be together again, but the things they did (and didn’t) reveal to each other was rather telling. After all, they had very different experiences during the interlude.

Reckoning on the horizon

I think what will stay with me the longest from ‘Reunited’ is the feeling that there may be a fracture coming for the Bells Hells. In the most recent “4-Sided Dive” Laudna player, Marisha Ray echoed this sentiment, saying that they may just be headed for the largest inter party conflict “Critical Role” has ever faced.  

And it’s not without reason. While the Uthodurn team might not be super devout in their worship of the gods, they received their marching orders in no uncertain terms. And like it or not, they seem determined to follow through.

The Issylra team, on the other hand, killed an angel, harbored a member of the Ruby Vanguard and helped who might turn out to be a militant druid lady. Oh, and awoke Delilah. Did I forget to mention that? 

Because so did Laudna.

So while FRIDA, Deanna and Prism head out to research everything Predathos, the Bells Hells need to get their shirt together–and fast– if they want to have any chance at getting back to the excavation site in time to do… well… anything. 

Or not. Because who knows that the Bells Hells are going to do next.

We’ll have to wait for the next episode of Critical Role to find out!

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Critical Role Episode 64 Highlights

  • Really cool to see that there’s some kind of enchantment in FCG’s head that is pushing him to kill. I wonder if what has been done can also be undone?
  • It was really funny to see the CR crew cram 10 players at the table. 
  • Holy crap, Deanna woke up and chose rage this morning! That confrontation with the Dawnfather was INTENSE!
  • I don’t know why FRIDA and Imogen decided that Prism was untrustworthy, but it led to Prism declaring (in front of Laudna and Ashton) that Orym was her best friend, so I’m on board. 
  • Keyleth lives!!! But she’s seriously injured and not healing. WTFIUWT??

Greta Kelly

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