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Let’s Get Lit: Greta Kelly dishes on upcoming novel, THE QUEEN OF DAYS [INTERVIEW]

We are so hyped for this book and you will be too!

Welcome to Let’s Get Lit on Pure Fandom where we chat with an author about their work, writing and their nerdy loves. In this edition of Let’s Get Lit, we chatted with the AMAZING Greta Kelly (author of THE FROZEN CROWN and THE SEVENTH QUEEN) about her upcoming novel, THE QUEEN OF DAYS. 

Congratulations on your upcoming book! What can you tell us about it? 

THE QUEEN OF DAYS is a heist and hijinks adventure about Bal and his band of thieves out to steal an ancient statue before it can be used to resurrect a vengeful god… And when that fails, it’ll be up to them to put down a god and save the city. They may not be the heroes anyone would have chosen. Or asked for. Or even really wanted, but what the hell, they’re there, so why not. Let chaos reign. 

That sounds amazing! Your previous books, THE FROZEN CROWN and THE SEVENTH QUEEN, really focused on the women in that world and gave them such agency over their journeys. Are there any female characters you are excited for fans to get to know in THE QUEEN OF DAYS? 

There are several great female characters in THE QUEEN OF DAYS, but my favorite has to be the titular queen herself: Tassiel. Tass is a last minute addition to the Talion gang. Their patron insisted on her joining them as “the weapon of last resort.” She’s intimidating not only because there’s a rumor she’s a demon, but also because she isn’t working for money, but for time. 

In a world where magic isn’t supposed to exist, to say that this is off-putting is, well, an understatement. But despite all of this, she manages to worm her way into the hearts of the Talion gang (and, hopefully, readers too).

We can’t wait to meet her! Will this book be a series or a stand alone? 

This is a standalone, but who knows what the fickle gods of the book world have planned for us. 

Who was your favorite character to write in THE QUEEN OF DAYS? 

Can I say all of them, lol! This is really hard because I love all of these chaos gremlins, but if you held my feet to the fire, I’d probably say Kai. The Talion gang is led by Balthazar but his half-brother, Kai, is like the right-hand man of the group. Kai is one of those side characters that sneak up on you because you expect him to be a muscled enforcer-type. But he’s so funny! He leapt off the page from the very first draft, always stealing every scene. 

Book cover image used with permission from HarperCollins
HarperCollins Publishers

We know you’re a big D&D fan. Do you ever draw inspiration from that world for your writing or have you ever created a D&D character based on one of your book characters? 

Oh man! Guilty! So there are a lot of ways to play D&D. I mean you can approach it like a video game where you’re just going from quest to quest trying to gather as much loot as possible. But if you’re anything like my group, you can also lean into the role-playing aspect of the game. And we lean hard.

There was one game where we were trying to rob a bank, and so much hilarity (and fire!) ensued that I was thinking of it for days and days afterward just wishing that I could inject that much fun into a book. And then the idea for THE QUEEN OF DAYS struck me in the back of the head. A crew of chaotic characters, all with their own specialties, out to steal an invaluable statue? It’s the stuff of D&D dreams. 

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If you had to make a playlist for this book, what are a couple of songs you would include? 

For a long time I called THE QUEEN OF DAYS Firefly but fantasy, so the Firefly theme song has to be on the list. Also Short Change Hero by The Heavy and Hurricane by The Band of Heathens.

When will THE QUEEN OF DAYS be available? 

It’ll be out on October 24th wherever you buy your books!

We cannot wait! You can pre-order THE QUEEN OF DAYS on Amazon HERE

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Stay Lit! 


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