‘The Good Doctor’ 6×22 recap: “Love’s Labor”

The end of season six?! But let’s not jump ahead until we enjoy The Good Doctor 6×22.

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 22, “Love’s Labor,” aired May 1, 2023.

How is it the season finale already? Luckily, The Good Doctor will be back for season 7. Until then, it’s not over yet, and it’s for sure to be an intense episode. Also, the baby is set to arrive! Don’t forget to brush up on last week’s episode!

Time for Baby Murphy…and chaos in the OR

Lea is at the hospital ready for the baby, but she forgot her lucky socks. Off Shaun goes to retrieve them. Shaun sees Glassman outside of their apartment and tells him the baby’s coming, but Glassman couldn’t care less.

Jared, Danny and Jerome are riding in an ambulance with a patient. However, the fog is pretty bad and as he’s on the phone with Jordan, they get in a car crash. Everyone in the ambulance seems to be okay. When they get out of the car, the residents attend to those in the crash. As Danny attends to a man passed out on the hood of the car, a woman comes speeding, hitting them head on and sending Danny flying. OMG!

Back at the hospital, the doctors and residents all attend to those involved in the crash, including Danny. Danny begs Jordan that they don’t give him any opioids. Lim’s patient ,the driver, has internal decapitation. What??? 

Conflicting choices

Lim goes to Glassman with her case. Thankfully, he agrees to help her because she knows he’s the best man for the job. Likewise, Asher brings Shaun his patient’s surgery, as he’s the only attending not in surgery. Lea encourages Shaun to go ahead — the baby will be some time. Until her water breaks in Glassman’s office. While Shaun’s surgery was a success, his patient’s dad passes out. Unfortunately, he is not able to save the father. Asher’s reaction…and then the man’s wife — so sad!

Danny is not in great shape, and Jordan tells him he needs opioids, but he is adamant that he not take any. Danny continues to pray and while his condition is getting worse, she gives him the pain meds that will help him. Definitely a conflicting choice to make. Once he finds out that Jordan gave him the pain meds, he is not happy. Meanwhile, Morgan is working while also instructing one of the nurses how to hold Eden. Yep, definitely the same Morgan through and through.

Apparently the board called an emergency meeting because of the nurses wanting to unionize. Uh oh. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Park she needs to quit because she can’t put her career above the people she loves again. Okay, the feels.

Baby time and new beginnings

Shaun telling Lea it will probably be okay once the baby is born after she confesses she’s worried she won’t be able to protect him anymore. World’s greatest pep talk! Lol. And the baby is born, and Lea is relieved he doesn’t look like an alien. Okay, that would totally be me after I have a baby.

Danny tells Jordan that she made the right call, but he needs to move back home. They still end up having their date at the hospital. Sweet.

Park tells Morgan that she shouldn’t quit — that he wants to be a family. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that, Morgan kisses him and tells him she loves him. It’s official: Parnick is back together, which I have waited like an ENTIRE year for. I seriously tweeted every Monday that it’d be the episode they’d get back together, and I am FINALLY right. This makes me so happy — so excited to see how this new family storyline goes. Like, SO EXCITED. You don’t even know…Okay, maybe you do?

Glassman assists Lim with her patient, doing a study he heard about where they take the patient to watch the sunset. Lim lets Glassman know that Baby Murphy has been born; however, he doesn’t immediately go to meet the baby, Come on, Glassman. The entire team gathers to meet the baby, but there’s one person missing. Aw. He watches on from afar, sending the nurse in with a gift. Dude?! Oh my gosh, the blanket with the name “Steve” on it. Steven Aaron Murphy *crying emojis*

More The Good Doctor 6×22 musings

  • Morgan telling Eden to “be professional.” Ha! Also, her not liking any babysitters is so Morgan. 
  • I can’t with how cute Park and Morgan are. I CANNOT.
  • Lea is out here working while about to give birth. Girl, stop. 
  • Those hats <3
  • Maybe Lim will be the one to talk some sense into Glassman to go support Shaun. 
  • Okay, Shaun’s words to the woman whose husband passed got me so emotional.
  • Andrews resigned?! Woah.
  • Seeing Morgan and Park together has me so emotional.
  • I cannot believe Glassman didn’t end up meeting their baby. Listen, season 7 better patch things up.

Well, that was an amazing season finale with all the feels, both happy and sad. Per usual. It’s been a wild season, but I’ll see you for season 7 in the fall where I hope Glassman and Shaun patch things up. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us!


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