‘The Good Doctor’ 6×21 recap: “A Beautiful Day”

The end of the season is near, but first, it’s The Good Doctor 6×21 time!

The good news: The Good Doctor has been renewed since I last wrote, so YAY. The bad news: Shaun and Glassman’s relationship is rocky, to say the least. Last episode was filled with lots of tension but also some greatness, like Morgan taking in baby Eden. Let’s see where this episode takes us!

Two weeks left

Lea is two weeks away from her due date. At the hospital, Glassman learns he had a small stroke, and Lim leaves him to be alone. When Shaun asks him what he’ll do about his job, Glassman tells him he’ll let him know once he’s decided. Seriously, this man has gone through enough. He tells Lim his plan, but Lim says she’s not comfortable with him doing surgeries at the moment, until she knows for sure. Which he does not like. He tells her to fire him and then he’ll sue her if she doesn’t let him operate.

Shaun’s patient seems to have a whole new personality — a better personality. It turns out that the man has a tumor. The man passes on the surgery because he doesn’t want to go back to the man he was before. Park’s patient is a little boy with an illness that may only give him up to a year to live. 

Meanwhile, Morgan is having trouble calming Eden. As soon as she thinks she’s gone to sleep, the crying persists.

Glassman’s shadow 

Andrews isn’t in agreement with Lim. He instructs her to provide Glassman with a backup in the OR. On the way to Shaun’s patient, Glassman grows upset with Shaun, especially because he went over his head with showing Lim the scans. I agree with Glassman, but would he have done anything about it? The man agrees to the surgery (determined to remain how he is now) — only if Glassman does the surgery.

Shaun becomes Glassman’s shadow, monitoring his every move during the practice surgery. Lim agrees to take Shaun off the case with her taking his place. Despite Lim’s supervision, Shaun still insists on observing from the gallery.

Park goes to visit Morgan and Eden, and she’s painting it like everything is A-okay. Back at the hospital, Park gives his patient’s parents a plan. When the mom asks for advice, Andrews says he’d do the surgery. With that, she agrees.

Park to the rescue!

Park arrives just when Morgan needs him the most, calming down Eden and bringing the much-needed diapers. Once again at the hospital (does this man sleep?), he’s just started the young boy’s surgery. However, things don’t go as plan and the surgery fails, giving the boy only a month to live. Oh my goodness. The parents believe they’re giving up on his son, and Andrews is quick to tell the father he’s being selfish. Andrews does not have the best bedside manner sometimes. Brutally honest, man.

During Glassman’s surgery, Shaun watches from above, calling out anything he disagrees with. That would be super disruptive…I could not. The surgery is so far so good, having removed the tumor. Until he pauses, and Shaun demands he give the next step. When Lim tells him to answer, Glassman is unable to provide the next step. With that, he leaves the OR. I hate this for him! However, the surgery ends up being a success. Ultimately, Glassman decides it’s time to put down his operating tools. Aw.

The hospital made a Christmas wonderland for the young boy. Oh my gosh — stop it. That is so sweet.

More of The Good Doctor 6×21 musings

  • There are so many different relationships happening in this hospital. But what about Morgan and Park?!
  • Petition for nothing bad to happen to Glassman next season.
  • Park with baby Eden *sobs*. SO CUTE.
  • Morgan straight up passing out on the laundry room floor from lack of sleep…oh no.
  • Union talk during date night with Andrews and Nurse V — casual date night convo.
  • This poor family.
  • This Glassman situation is really upsetting. The man has lost everything: his house, his wife, his career, etc.
  • Music and dancing seems to be the move to clam down Eden.
  • Asher being into the Santa suit reminds me of Monica from “Friends” lol.
  • Glassman telling Shaun how much it hurt that he called him out during surgery. Then he tells him to leave him alone. STOP!
  • Baby is coming!

Wow, season finale already? And goodness does it look like it’s going to be an hour packed with heartbreak and maybe a dash of happiness. One can hope. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×21? Comment below or tweet us!


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