‘Critical Role’ 3×54 and 3×55: “Hope Within History” recap

Critical Role’ recap: Campaign 3, Episode 55 “Hope Within History” Aired April 13, 2023


After spending the morning (and okay, most of last episode) delving into Chetney’s history by clearing out Oltgar’s toy shop– and discovering that Oltgar’s partner is running a sweatshop– its finally time to meet with the king and queen. After lauding the Bells Hells as Protectors of the Diarchy and collecting their rewards, conversation naturally turns to the solstice. The rulers are not unaware of the difficulties they are facing– in fact they have more troubling news to share: resurrection spells aren’t working any more. Eeek.

The only (slightly) good news is that the king and queen do have people still capable of magical travel. They’ve already been sent to other kingdoms in an attempt to unravel what the fork is happening. Of course there is no guarantee that the people actually arrived at their intended destinations, but assuming they did the Bells Hells are given permission to travel with them upon their return. Downside is that they won’t arrive for another week. So, what to do???

Hope Within History

It was during their discussion with the monarchs that the Bells Hells brought up what Ludinus Da’Leth was up to in the Hellcatch Valley (not in great detail, mind you. But still.)  King Imathan reveals that he has a history with Ludinus. They once lived together in Molaesmyr before the city fell and the forest around it became the corrupted hellscape of the Savalirwood. Ludinus was not greatly loved in the city, and apparently got on the bad side of more than one temple. The king doesn’t know exactly what kind of research Ludinus was doing, but it’s worth noting that Molaesmyr fell during an Apogee Solstice.

Do you feel the plot thickening, because I do.

Speaking of solstices, apparently this one hasn’t ended yet. Historically the event is supposed to end after a day or two, but this time it’s showing no signs of stopping. Yikes! But maybe there’s still time to stop Ludinus. Who knows. But the conversation does give the Bells Hells a lead. The have a week to burn before any mages return to take them to their friends, so why not spend it gathering intel on Ludinus. It’s decided that a trip to Molaesmyr is in order.

Back to the steeple

The Bells Hells go and do some shopping before they head out on their next trek. First stop is back to the Vellum Steeple where their research on Ludinus is ready to be picked up. The information the Steeple has on Ludinus is unfortunately slim. His public-facing persona has obviously been carefully managed to ensure that he remains the pleasant face of the Cerberus Assembly. Any dark deeds he’s done has been swept firmly under the rug (at least until now).

They also learn a little bit about the history and dangers they might face in the Savalirwood. There are many monsters in the wood, and many, many undead creatures. The corruption that is causing all the evil is originating from beneath the fallen city where there was research done that went wrong. (To put it mildly.) While nothing is confirmed, it is pretty darn clear that Ludinus had to have something to do with the fall of Molaesmyr.

Nothing says romance like shopping

While most of the group went to the steeple, FCG and FRIDA went to visit a friend of FRIDA’s called Jaquoby– a tinkerer who has worked on FRIDA before. The plan was to have some new armor outfitted on FCG, but who cares about any of that because FRIDA kissed FCG! (You can see that I’m screaming right now, can’t you?). 

FCG does eventually get the armor upgraded, and the Bells Hells get some new clothes made up but I’ll be honest, I was completely zoning out at this point. What can I say, I was still thinking about that kiss. But if I have to pry my attention away to talk about the rest of the episode, here’s the dish:

They spend the night at Deanna’s place, though Fearne sneaks out to beseech the Wildmother. I suspect she was hoping to glean anything about Orym’s wellbeing, but the Wildmother remained silent. It was much the same as when they went to visit the Matron of Raven’s temple. They were hoping to figure out why the Paragon’s Call was wearing her medals, but no joy. The priests there basically slammed the door in their faces.

Nothing for it but to head out for the Savalirwood.

But that will have to wait for the next Critical Role


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Critical Role Episode 55 Highlights

  • Turns out that FCG didn’t always stand for Fresh Cut Grass. The name was originally Faithful Care-Giver. Awwwwww.
  • I really hope the mages the king and queen sent out actually arrived where they intended to. Feels like the best chance we have at the Bells Hells reuniting.
  • There had better be some serious intel to find in Molaesmyr. Let’s bring Ludinus down!
  • Fearne starting her prayer to the Wildmother with “Hey bitch” was the funniest point in the episode. 

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