‘The Good Doctor’ 6×20 recap: “Blessed”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 6×20!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 20, “Blessed,” aired April 17, 2023.

All does not seem well for Glassman. After last episode, tensions ran high throughout the entire hospital. While it seemed Glassman was in the clear, it may not be the actual case, unfortunately. The end of the season is near, so I’m excited to see what will happen next!

Breakfast and diagnosis

Over breakfast, Shaun tells Glassman that there may be something wrong with his brain. When he says he wants more tests, Glassman gets upsets and storms out. Shaun may not be doing tests, but as Lea says, he’ll conclude results through spying. And spy he does, observing Glassman with a patient who has a concussion, accompanied by Jared and Danny. Oh, Shaun. Turns out, the baseball players may need brain surgery.

At the hospital, Andrews sits down with Asher and Jordan, telling them that they can come to him with feedback. Morgan interrupts the get together with a former patient (Eddie) of Andrews, who invites Jordan and Asher to work with him. The patient has growths on his face.

Lim tells Morgan that Eden’s having trouble getting placed into a foster home. Poor baby girl.

Questions, questions, questions

Asher is mad about the patient’s unwavering faith and his unwillingness to do a procedure that’d help him. While Danny is waxing poetic to Jordan, she’s called in to Eddie’s room who is puking blood and unconscious. They operate on him, and all went well with the operation. They were able to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, he has to stay for observation a little longer.

Shaun continues to press Glassman’s surgical plan for their patient. Rightfully so, he’s getting frustrated. Lea tells Shaun that he’s merely getting older, and while Shaun doesn’t think he’s a danger to the patient, he thinks he eventually will be. Right as Jared and Danny start their day, they rush to their patient who is experiencing intense pains in his head. They give their patient options for how to proceed with his surgery. Ultimately, he chooses Glassman’s approach.

Meanwhile, Lim tells Morgan that they found Eden a foster home. Morgan’s reaction was so sad!

We know the right choice

The couple who was going to foster Eden back out because of the extra care she needs. Morgan is clearly the best choice for her — she’s already so caring to the baby. C’mon! Park goes to say good bye to Eden. While he’s in there, the social worker comes in and Morgan tells the woman that she’s the perfect person to foster Eden. Oh my gosh, yes! That’s so cute.

“What’s the score?” Glassman asks Shaun. Shaun’s reasoning for watching Glassman is really sweet — he watched out for Shaun, even when he didn’t want him to, kind of like what Shaun’s doing for him. Okay, I will forgive Shaun for his consistent questioning. Seems like Shaun approves of how Glassman is handling the surgery. The surgery was a success, and the patient will be able to play baseball again. Shaun goes to Lim with his findings, and she says he shouldn’t be doing surgery anymore. Nooooo.

Eddie is not in the clear yet. Later, we find that, unfortunately, he passed away. Oh my gosh, no! I didn’t see that coming — that’s so sad. Jerome lets Asher know he’ll be out tonight and that he feels Asher is always ready for combat in an argument. Asher shows up at the dinner with his friends (lol) and says he’s a moron — and that he’s blessed to be in his life.

Park shows up to Morgan’s with a baby gift. She tells him she’s going off her IVF meds because Eden is her daughter. Okay, I thought Park and her were definitely going to kiss there, but that scene was SO SWEET. My heart.

More The Good Doctor 6×20 musings

  • Someone let Morgan adopt Eden — she’s clearly smitten with the little baby.
  • Seems like Jared and Danny made up.
  • Park’s clearly smitten with Morgan when he caught her singing to Eden.
  • Eddie’s positivity is contagious! His response for rejecting plastic surgery was great.
  • I love the adoption storyline route they’re going with for Morgan.
  • I hope there’s nothing really serious wrong with Glassman. He’s had enough bad luck this season…well, the last couple of seasons.
  • That Jordan and Danny scene was really cute.

Well, that ending was something else. This scene had some sad moments, but there were also some really cute ones sprinkled in. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×20? Comment below or tweet us!


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