‘The Good Doctor’ 6×19 recap: “Half Measures”

Get ready for The Good Doctor 6×19!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 19, “Half Measures,” aired April 10, 2023.

We foresee some sadness in the future if what Shaun said about Glassman last episode is true. However, we always foresee sadness when it comes to The Good Doctor. Let’s see if this week is different!

Finding some answers

Glassman is getting the scan Shaun requested, and Shaun is taking lead on the scan. He finds a spot on his brain. Meanwhile, Morgan’s embryo transfer is going smoothly, and the doctor is letting her choose between having a boy or a girl. I’m glad they got back to this storyline. Which will she choose?

A man comes into the hospital that is nearly cut in half. Yikes. The residents are tasked on how to save the man while Andrews and Lim work to save him in the moment. The residents aren’t the only ones whose tensions are high. Daniel confronts Jordan about seeing Jared and her at the taco stand, and Jordan calls him out for being jealous. Yeah, I’d say he’s acting pretty jealous. But Jordan’s right, there’s more at stake right now.

Morgan comes across a homeless man in front of the hospital with a crying baby. The baby ends up having Turner Syndrome. Poor baby. When Morgan finds the mom, she’s unconscious. Shaun and Park are helping Morgan choose whether to have a boy or girl. It seems like they’re both leaning towards a girl. I vote girl, too!

Crib shopping time

Andrews tells Lim that her judgment is compromised due to her time in a wheel chair. The two doctors are at an impasse as Andrews pulls rank on Lim. Low blow. As the residents brainstorm, they all have a, as Asher says, a “Workable Plan.” Jared is unsure about his idea, but Lim tells them she just needs a plan. Daniel and Jared honestly need to grow up — this isn’t high school.

As Shaun and Glassman go crib shopping, Glassman insists on talking about ANYTHING else besides his possible cancer. He tells Shaun that if he gets results back, it would be stage 4 cancer and he won’t be there to help him. Stop it. Glassman can’t die! After the speech, Shaun seems to take the hint and changes the subject back to baby things.

Andrews is now questioning the residents; thus, causing even more tension between him and Lim. He’s being a huge jerk.

All in for teamwork!

Asher tells Jared that if he can’t handle the pressure, then leave. Oof. Why’s everyone harping on Jared, though? Jared tells Asher about a surgery gone wrong and the reason why he left Denver and his residency behind. The three residents are about to call it quits, but Jared comes running in talking about Lamborghinis. Okay, I’m listening. It’s then that all of them start to act like a team and present the solution to Andrews and Lim. Seems to be what they’re going with! The man goes into shock, and Asher encourages Jared to fight for his patient. And he does. So proud!

While they’re assembling the crib, Shaun gets called into surgery for baby Eden. Shaun, Park and Morgan operate on the baby. Morgan concludes that “girls kick ass.” And did you see that look she gave Park?! Morgan goes to check on the baby’s mom, but she passed away. Aw. Is Morgan going to adopt the baby?

Andrews and Lim’s surgery was a success! Good news for Glassman: no cancer detected. Thank goodness! Lim tells Andrews to fire her if he doesn’t trust her. Girl power. Morgan ends up rescheduling her embryo transplant. I really think she’s going to adopt Eden. 

More of The Good Doctor 6×19 musings

  • Lots of tension in the elevator between Jordan, Daniel, Asher and Jared. Awkward!
  • I feel SO bad for Glassman.
  • Glassman giving Shaun advice about their lack of sleep they’re about to get. Lol.
  • Why can’t we all just be friends? 
  • Seriously, though, are Park and Morgan ever going to get back together? I am so tired.
  • Shaun pointing out that Park is divorced and it’s more sacrifice than he’d like. HAHA.
  • Asher and Jared singing Backstreet Boys has me lol-ing.
  • I need the writers to give Glassman a bit of a break. Don’t do this to mmmeeeee.

Well, that was a solid episode full of so much tension and karaoke. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×19? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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