‘The Good Doctor’ 6×18 recap: “A Blip”

Time for The Good Doctor 6×18!

The end of the season is near, and I feel like there’s so much left that needs to happen. Like is Jared going to stay full-time? When will Lea and Shaun have the baby? When will Morgan and Park get back together? So many unanswered questions and so little time. Don’t forget to brush up on past The Good Doctor episodes here.

Q & A with Dr Murphy

Glassman exits the elevator and is suddenly bombarded by Shaun, regarding his “blip” during his last surgery. In order to see if his mistake was, in fact, just a “blip,” he prints off nearly 500 pages from past surgeries. That’s extreme.

Meanwhile, it’s party time for all the doctors, as Jared invites them to karaoke to get to know them. Morgan comes in with an assignment, pairing Jordan and Jared together. Between their bickering, their patient falls asleep. It seems like it’s an issue with her tonsils. Shaun, Asher and Daniel’s patient is a Covid long hauler. It turns out, the woman has a diagnosis that was missed as an infant and Covid may have saved her life. Apparently, she should have never lived this long. However, fixing this issue would not fix her brain fog.

After a successful surgery, all does not seem to have gone as well as Jordan and Jared assumed. They rush their patient to the OR. Shaun’s surgery also seems to be not going well — the surgery just became even more risky.

Bickering and more bickering

Jordan doesn’t think her patient’s daughter should be the primary person talking care of her mom. However, Jared disagrees with her, leading to even more bickering between them. Am I sensing some chemistry between them?

Lim and Shaun detail their patient’s side effects and must observe her. The patient tells Shaun about the hardships she’s been facing since having Covid, regarding her brain. Shaun rushes off to announce to Glassman that his cancer may have returned. Can Glassman please catch a break? This man has been through enough! However, Glassman says his last scan came back fine. While Shaun insists that his cancer is back, Glassman is adamant that nothing is the matter. I hope Glassman’s right.

Jordan and Jared’s patient wants to stay back in San Jose with her mom for dialysis. Thus, giving up her job. Lim and Shaun’s patient doesn’t get good news either — the only solution would worsen her thought process. 

Karaoke time

The doctors are off for the night for karaoke. It’s not so crazy, seeing Jared is the only one there until Jordan, Lea and Shaun arrive. But that is all that is coming, unfortunately. The party turns out to be not so much of a party and more like a “figure-out-what’s-wrong-with-Glassman” break out session. After Shaun and Lea leave, Jared says he feels like he may never fit in. Aww.

Lim offers her patient some words of encouragement with her experience of how her life changed. The patient is still adamant on not losing her mind. Seems like Lim’s words did do some good because she agrees to the repair Lim had suggested. Jordan also gives some words of wisdom to her patient. And it turns out, her patient also listens to what Jordan said and changes her mind about the surgery. 

Jordan and Jared’s patient’s surgery is a success and she is breathing with no issues. She encourages her daughter to still take the job and move to Prague. Glassman doesn’t want to look at Shaun’s findings, but he is not deterred by that. Shaun says he won’t push, but he’s afraid that he might lose his father. Stop — this is so sad. He asks him to do the scan for him, and Glassman agrees. Okay, where are the tissues?! Lim’s patient also seems to be doing okay, and she’s fine with just “being here.”

More of The Good Doctor 6×18 musings

  • I just still can’t get over the sudden reappearance of Jared. Like, it’s so random.
  • Okay, I kind of ship Andrews and Nurse V. It’s cute.
  • Jared bringing Jordan various types of coffees would make him my favorite person ever.
  • Shaun and Lim’s patient saying writing is a creative therapy is SO TRUE.
  • WWSMD: What Would Shaun Murphy Do? Lol Asher’s attempt wasn’t quite successful!
  • I feel bad nobody came to Jared’s party.
  • Shaun just leaving a huge folder of evidence for Glassman’s returning surgery is so extra.
  • As Jared and Jordan have a little moment, Daniel walks out. Ope. Welcome to a LOVE TRIANGLE?
  • No happy endings for Andrews and Nurse V. 

Well, what did you think of The Good Doctor 6×18? There’s a lot going on! Comment your thoughts below or tweet us!


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