‘The Good Doctor’ 6×15 recap: “Old Friends”

Ready for The Good Doctor 6×15?!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 15, “Old Friends,” aired March 6, 2023.

Last episode reinforced our belief that Dr. Park is the sweetest ever. This episode should be fun, as we have a blast from the past visiting St. Bons, and I have to say, it is an unexpected visit. Let’s see what transpires this week on The Good Doctor 6×15!

Hi, again

Lea has “surrendered” to maternity jeans, but that does not mean she’s ready to buy a minivan. Unfortunately for Morgan, she is still not pregnant. Poor Morgan.

Andrews brings in a high-profile tech guy who is looking for Shaun as a doctor, and along comes Jared. Remember Jared? From like 100 episodes ago? Now he is the personal doctor to this uber rich dude. Shaun notices Andrews is being super nice to Jared, despite having fired him years ago, and deduces it must be because Andrews wants a donation. Oh, Shaun. Not only does Jared have a cushy job, he has a model girlfriend.

Park comes face-to-face with a patient, who he appears to have a past with. From the way the interaction went, it’s not a good past. Danny asks the million dollar question of who the man is: it’s the man who slept with Park’s wife. Oof. 

Difficult decisions

Morgan’s patient is in a dangerous position with her baby. One of the choices to save herself is to terminate the pregnancy, but Jordan believes there to be other ways. The woman asks Jordan for her opinion of what they should do, and she tells the woman she’d try to save the baby. The woman catches the infection, and Morgan encourages her to terminate the pregnancy, as the baby will not be able to survive and the woman will keep getting sicker. Despite what she knows, that she might die, she’s okay with it. Oh gosh, this is sad.

Park tells the man that he will refer him to another doctor, but the man tells Park he’s not a quitter. Ultimately, he came to Park to receive forgiveness. Knowing Park, he’s going to forgive the man. Just as expected, Park does continue to treat the man. 

Meanwhile, Jared’s patient has a seizure…and he’s also sleeping with Jared’s girlfriend. Well, I didn’t see that coming. Shaun tells Jared what he walked in on, and Jared clarifies that they’re not really together — it’s an image thing so the man’s wife doesn’t know he’s having an affair. Garbage people.

Sales pitches

Andrews gives Jared’s patient a sales pitch for some money for the hospital. Hey, it’s an opportunity — he must take it! It must have worked because he offered Andrews 100 million dollars, but Shaun quickly refuses it because he’s not medically fit to make the decision. Ope.

Jordan says she understands the decision the patient has to make, to which Lim says she does, too. The patient insists that it’s the baby’s life before her own. When Morgan tells the husband that he can make the decision to terminate the baby, he refuses because he wants to keep his promise to his wife. Jordan talks to her patient about her own abortion. She tells her that neither her nor the baby will survive if she doesn’t terminate the pregnancy. The woman does end up terminating and asks Jordan to do the procedure. 

Morgan finds Park, and he tells her about his patient. She tells Park that he’s stubborn, bringing up their situation that lead to their breakup. His patient ends up being okay — he will not die. To release some anger, Park hits up the gym and gets a little too aggressive against his opponent. 


Park does end up forgiving his patient, after all. I knew he would eventually! 

Shaun asks Jared to do the closing of the surgery and says he could finish his residency. Huh…I wouldn’t mind having Jared back in the thick of St. Bons. He ends up interviewing with Lim to become a resident, but she doesn’t have any openings for third-year residents. However, there is a spot for a first-year, which he accepts. Interesting! I honestly did not see that coming. Jared’s former boss isn’t too happy with Andrews stealing his employee, ripping the check right in half. That stings.

Morgan’s patient’s husband comes back with a new tattoo of their baby girl. That’s so sweet.

Shaun just got served for malpractice?!?!?!??! WHAT!!!!!!

More of The Good Doctor 6×15 musings

  • Asher’s Taylor Swift references makes me believe we’re spirit animals. First Hallmark references and now Taylor?
  • It’s so cute how Lea and Glassman are shopping buddies now.
  • Shaun casually telling Jared he’s not a failure.
  • Jordan is so freaking sweet.
  • While they didn’t get a minivan, they did get a car that will be A-OK for the baby to ride in.

An ending like that? I demand to see more, which brings us to our first crossover event in the world of The Good Doctor. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×15? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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