‘The Good Doctor’ 6×14 recap: “Hard Heart”

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 14, “Hard Heart,” aired February 27, 2023.

It feels like it’s been months since the last episode, but in reality, it’s literally been two weeks. Shaun and Lea are getting ready to meet their baby pretty soon. Let’s see what happens in The Good Doctor 6×14!

Baby names and a visit from grandma

Shaun is nixing all baby names because they relate to something medical. All of those names thrown out were pretty terrible, honestly. A young boy comes into the hospital, his mom seemingly believing he may have a concussion. Park tells the mom that her son is having a stroke. Poor little guy. Shaun is called to join Park, and Daniel can also join, as long as he passes his drug test. 

Jordan receives a text from her grandma, only to see her waiting to be seen by a doctor. While Jordan doesn’t want to be her grandma’s doctor, Asher has no problem stepping in. She has a sac around her heart that is inflamed. Lim tells Jordan that her grandma has something called a “coconut heart.” Hmm…wonder what that means.

The little boy has a type of immune disease that would need to be treated in the form of chemo. However, the mom is hesitant about it, having seen the results of chemo.

Glassman’s a little drunk

When Shaun and Lea come home, it’s to Glassman on the floor with three highchairs set up. It seems he polished off a bottle of wine from Costco while they were gone. Turn up, Glassman — cheers! After peeing in the bathtub because Glassman baby proofed the toilet, she tells Shaun that Glassman needs to move out. Way to kick a man when he’s down.

Lim scolds Jordan for overstepping with telling her grandma about a surgery Lim deems unsafe. I mean, I get how Jordan feels because it is her family member, but Lim is also an experienced surgeon. So, off she goes to tell her grandma that she shouldn’t have questioned Lim’s decision. It’s then that Jordan tells her grandma that she’s always been striving to be good enough for her. 

As they’re running a scan on the young boy, Shaun tells Park the boy has moyamoya disease — a rare disease that is hard to diagnosis. The young boy will need multiple brain surgeries. 

Stuffed animal in surgery

As Shaun and Park are figuring out the young boy’s surgery, Park tells Shaun he needs to let the young boy believe that his stuffed animal can get surgery, as that’ll make him feel better. As Jordan is talking to her grandma, who tells her she’s been proud of her since kindergarten, her heart starts failing. Unfortunately, Asher does not seem ready to execute the surgery successfully. Well, let’s hope this try is the successful one. As they’re operating on Jordan’s grandma, she has an idea for the doctors to attempt and walks them through it. And it was a success!

While Glassman isn’t family, Shaun does consider him the baby’s grandfather. Despite Shaun originally telling Glassman he’s got to go, he changes his mind. However, Glassman assures him that he will leave. That poor man has gone through enough.

As the dad is about to head to the hospital, he asks Park to hold off on the surgery until gets there, but unfortunately, they’ll have to proceed without him. Park assures that dad that he will treat him like his own son. Gosh, this man IS SO SWEET. I cannot handle it. Because they’re ahead of schedule, Park suggests they do both brain surgeries in one-go. Although, Shaun is hesitant to do so, but then decides they can go ahead with it. Thankfully, Park is able to tell the parents that the surgery on their little boy went well. Yay!

More of The Good Doctor 6×14

  • Jordan is a great choice to talk to the high schoolers.
  • One minute late…Shaun…
  • Asher joking around with Jordan about her grandma is so entertaining. I love their friendship!
  • Andrews fanboying over the bookstore Jordan’s grandma used to work at lol.
  • Park is so sweet with his patient.
  • Shaun telling the boy his stuffed animal does not have a brain and then shrugging after it was the most Shaun thing ever.
  • Okay, Daniel recreating the scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” to get to Shaun’s office on time was kind of epic. And then him pretending to be casual when he saw Morgan. HA!
  • I love that Shaun put bandages on the stuffed animal for the little boy.
  • Jordan does agree to do the talk for the high schoolers. Love it for her!

And that’s The Good Doctor 6×14! It looks like next episode will welcome back a blast from the way, way past. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!

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