‘The Good Doctor’ 6×13 recap: “39 Differences”

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 13, “39 Differences,” aired February 13, 2023.

Last episode ended on a pretty sad note for Glassman. However, there were a lot of other things to celebrate, like Morgan’s new job opportunity. Now, I am sure nothing is smooth sailing from here on out. Let’s see what happens in The Good Doctor 6×13!

College…in 18 years

Shaun is already planning his unborn son’s academic future. I agree with Lea here — a little ahead of the curve there. At the hospital, Asher calls Shaun over to a young boy with a nail stuck through his foot. Ouch. As they take the boy for a CT, he starts puking, and the doctors find tic bites on his back. Shaun thinks it may be neurological. 

Lim’s patient is a vlogger and is gearing up for a double lung transplant. Lim and Jordan are trying to get the lungs back into viability. However, from Lim’s reaction, I don’t think it’s successful.

Morgan pages Park into her new office to show it off. I mean, I’d do the same. Park offers to help her with patients, in exchange for unlimited usage of her espresso machine. He knows how to negotiate. Respect.

So many differences

Shaun’s patient has a brain eating infection. It turns out, the infection was not from camp but from a nasal spray the dad had given him. Upon leaving the hospital, Shaun finds Glassman in the dark, rummaging for “his life.” I feel so bad for this man. Whilst in the rubble, Shaun asks Glassman about how to get over differences of raising Lea and his child. Glassman encourages him to talk to Lea. However, Lea is not in the mood to talk about all of their differences. 

Lim, along with Jordan, breaks the bad news to her patient that the lungs are not viable. She’s been put back on the list. When Jordan goes to turn off the machine for the lungs, Lim insists to keep it on. Unfortunately, Lim is not having any progress, but Jordan shows up with coffee and cronuts to keep her company. After a while, Jordan tells Lim it’s time to quit. Lim is hesitant to quit because that means telling the young girl that she failed her.

It’s good news

Shaun’s way to save the young boy is to cut out some of his brain. Apparently it’s up to Asher to help convince the parents to drop that bombshell. It would affect his speech and memory, for an unknown amount of time. The parents give them the go ahead, putting their trust in the team of doctors. Upon waking, the boy is able to remember everything that happened and his speech is still intact. Great news.

Park asks the patient if he cheated the system to be in the trail. He finds out the man is a life-long blood donor. So short answer: he did not cheat the system.

After recording her final vlog, the girl crashes. As Jordan calls to revive her, the mom tells her that they have to let her go. Omg — this is really upsetting. It’s then that Lim tells Jordan that the lungs are ready. Just in time! The girl wakes with a smile upon her face after the surgery. All is good here, too!

More of The Good Doctor 6×13 musings

  • Glassman sorting through the rubble of his home is so sad. All of those memories just gone.
  • Asher referencing Hallmark Channel as the guidelines to love is everything. 
  • Can we all agree Jordan is probably the sweetest character ever?
  • Hot dog potato chips sound absolutely repulsive. 
  • This girl recording her final vlog is so sad.
  • I saw that wink to Morgan, Park!

Well, I am satisfied that everything was a happy ending this episode. For a second, I thought it might not be. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×13? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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