‘The Good Doctor’ 6×12 recap: “365 Degrees”

The Good Doctor 6×12…let’s go!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 12, “365 Degrees,” aired February 6, 2023.

Last week’s episode had some very sweet and cute moments, but there were of course, some emotional moments, too. We also said good bye to a newer character, which I didn’t see coming. I’m just glad the dog got a happy ending. Now, let’s dig into The Good Doctor 6×12!

Temporary roomies

Glassman has termites, and he doesn’t have a place to stay. Until Shaun suggests he bunk with them…they’ll be temporary roomies.

Lim decides to step into the OR today to oversee the residents because of all the firings and probations. Asher has some hesitancies about Lim’s plan for their patient’s surgery, even though Lim’s been treating the patient for years. However, Daniel isn’t too jazzed about questioning Lim’s decision. Meanwhile, Morgan insists that she wants to get pregnant asap, despite the advice from her doctor to wait. Andrews comes to Morgan with a job promotion to head up a new department. Two dreams in one day…

Shaun and Jordan’s 13-year-old patient may have a cyst. The doctors find out that the girl has had sex, and even if she consented, it is considered statutory rape, Jordan says. The girl reassures the doctors that she uses condoms and is on birth control. Jordan questions the mom about the girl having sex at such a young age, but Shaun cuts her off.

No help needed

Morgan tells Park about Andrews’s offer, but she wants to consult him about being a mother and balancing work. Of course, he has nothing but good things to say to her. Get back together. OMG.

Jordan insists that they call CPS on the mother for allowing her child to have sex. However, Shaun quickly shuts down the idea. Shaun and Lea arrive home to Glassman cooking them dinner. When Lea arrives at the hospital, Jordan and her discuss sex. She tells Lea that she’s abstained from sex for a couple years and will continue to do so until she’s married. Lea doesn’t agree with Jordan’s approach, and Jordan walks away. I didn’t like Lea judging Jordan. Support your friend, girl.

Lim definitely does not seem like she wants help on her case. She gives her patient the option she suggested, and he agrees to go ahead with her plan. Asher bursts into Lim’s office, disagreeing with her approach. When Asher tells her even Daniel agrees, Daniel does not back him up. Hmm…this is getting awkward.

Can’t have it all

Morgan talks to Lim about being ambitious and not having kids. Lim tells Morgan she can’t have it all — yes, Lim! You CAN’T have it all. In surgery, Lim does end up going forward with her surgery, but in the middle of it, she asks the two men for an idea. Thankfully, Asher has an idea that will work! The surgery ends up being a success, and everyone is friends again once Lim admits Asher had a good idea.

Lea apologizes to Jordan for telling her that she was “extreme” and “sad.” Shaun and Jordan’s patient went into shock during their procedure, and she is bleeding internally. It’s then that they lose her pulse. The surgery ends up being successful, and they were able to remove the tumor. 

After consideration, Morgan tells Andrews that she “can’t have it all.” He tells her his mother was a workaholic, but she was also always there for him. Seems like Morgan is going to accept the position. Good for her — I think she’ll be able to do both wonderfully. 

As Glassman is heading out, he gets a call from his neighbor. Unfortunately, his house caught on fire. Oh no. I feel so bad for him, especially because the house held so many memories of his daughter.

More of The Good Doctor 6×12 musings

  • Asher is totally kissing Lim’s butt to get off probation. She saw right through him.
  • Jordan telling Lea that old dudes like reading about presidents. HA!
  • The elevator scene between Morgan and Park was so sweet. Will you two just kiss already?! 
  • Glassman actually reading a book about a president — Jordan was right!
  • Glassman needs to work on his negotiating skills. He just took that sales quote with barely any resistance. 
  • I feel like we haven’t had Morgan and Lim scenes in FOREVER.
  • I guess Asher and Daniel won’t be friends any time soon.
  • Lea walking in on Glassman in the shower thinking it was Shaun was all types of awkward. 
  • Jordan is such a good friend.
  • Where the heck was Park?!

Well, that was an interesting episode. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×12? I feel sooooo bad for Glassman! Comment your thoughts below or tweet us your thoughts!


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