‘The Good Doctor’ 6×11 recap: “The Good Boy”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 6×11!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 11, “The Good Boy,” aired January 30, 2023.

The second half of the season has begun, and it opened with an emotional episode. Did we ever doubt that, though? This week, Shaun will be using his surgical knowledge to help out a doggo, and let me tell you: this dog better get an HEA. Let’s see what transpires this week!

Let the babymoon commence

Lea and Shaun are stopping for a break on their way to their babymoon when they see a dog get hit by a car, and the driver drives off. Stop — I cannot. They run after the dog and find him passed out, so Shaun insists they take him to the vet. The vet says he can’t operate on the dog since there’s nobody to pay for his surgery. Ugh — freaking rude. Thankfully, Lea seems content to tend to the pup instead of going to the resort.

At the hospital, a patient comes in with very severe injuries, spikes stuck in his chest. He’s quickly taken to the OR. As Danica arrives home, an old friend is at her door and needs her to operate on him at her house, as he cannot go to the hospital because his injury violates his parole. She goes to the hospital to get supplies and has to quickly lie to Asher about why she’s still there. And because she doesn’t know specifics to her at-home operation, she asks Asher for advice, and he’s suspicious. Once he knows what she’s doing, he helps her out. However, her friend comes back the next morning because her at-home operation was not successful.

Help this doggo

The vet says the dog will have trouble walking after performing the surgery. Baby dog. The vet suggests putting the dog down, but Lea quickly shoots that down. THANK YOU, LEA. She also insists that Shaun find a surgery that can help the dog; otherwise, they’re going to adopt him.

Danica calls Asher, and he shows up, but he does not feel good about doing the surgery outside of the OR. Though he will not physically operate on Danica’s friend, he does offer to walk her through the operation. During the operation, Lim comes over to check up on her. Uh oh. When Lim hears Vince groan, she walks in to the scene. Well, this will not be good. Lim warns Danica about the repercussions of her actions. Lim agrees to help out, but there will be consequences for Danica.

Morgan suggests that they talk to the patient’s son, but Andrews has some hesitancies about that since he’s only 16. But he eventually caves. They ask him what his dad’s decision would be about amputating his arm. He says his dad would want whatever will let him live, even if it means amputating his arm.

An idea!

As Shaun and Lea are talking about Lea’s hesitancies about becoming a mom, Shaun comes up with an idea to help the dog. Glassman is also on the scene, and he’s also footing the bill. Lol. He also reassures Lea about being a mom. Two-in-one! Shaun has come around to the idea of adopting the dog.

Despite the patient’s son’s decision, Park decides they shouldn’t amputate the arm. Park insists their patient would agree with his decision and rationalizes that as a parent, he understands what must be done. Even going as far as to tell Morgan that she won’t understand until she has a kid of her own. She calls him out on that, and rightfully so. What’s up with their hostility toward one another this episode? The patient’s son is mad that Park wants to do the opposite of what he asked.

Lim and Danica do take her friend to the OR, and Lim has them take the bullet for forensic evidence. Lim gives Andrews some disciplinary actions for Danica, but Andrews believes she’s going too easy on Danica.

HEA for everyone…well kinda

Park’s operation ends up being a success, with the man’s hand being intact. The son tells his dad he made the wrong choice, but his dad doesn’t care because he was there for him. Aw.

The dog’s family finds the dog. Good! I just wanna cuddle that dog! Park confesses to Morgan that he’s been feeling like a crappy father. She tells him that he implantation failed. I feel super sad for her. 

Lim tells Danica that she’s being let go from the program. However, she tells her that the bullet was misplaced. Danica understands the consequences because in the end, she saved her friend and his family. So, that’s really the end for Danica? Interesting. Asher got probation. 

More of The Good Doctor 6×11 musings

  • Lea being so sweet to the dog and giving up her babymoon for him…she’s the real MVP.
  • I would NOT sleep in that motel. Nope.
  • Glassman being confused about Shaun calling about operating on a dog but willing to help anyway!
  • The veterinarian is so over Shaun’s over-the-shoulder commentary. 
  • You’re right, Glassman, you can’t say no to a dog!
  • Dogs are so pure. I love them.
  • Glassman talking to Lea about his daughter is getting me right in THE FEELS.
  • Lea and Shaun helping the dog go pee was really sweet. I cannot handle this.
  • Let Park and Morgan get along and fall back in love with each other. PUHLEEESSSEEE.

Okay, so I just got hit in the feels. Thanks. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×11? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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