‘Critical Role’ 3×46: “Night at the Ligament Manor” recap

Critical Role’ recap: Campaign 3, Episode 46 “Night at the Ligament Manor” Aired January 26, 2023

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Over drinks in Ligament Manor’s tiki bar, the Bells Hells spill their guts on everything that’s happened to them thus far. But for anyone hoping that Morri would have all the answers… Sorry. Creatures of the Feywild are rarely interested in things outside of heir purview– or helpful in general. Morri is able to confirm that Ruidus only recently appeared in the Feywild and that the key Ira Wendegoth and the Unseelie Court had built is somehow tethering the moon there.

Morri tells them to aim their search at the Shiver Keep. Apparently the Unseelie Court has been building up their defenses there. If the Malleus Key is in the Unseelie Court, it’ll be there. 

Ligament Manor

Morri, growing tired, invites the Bells Hells to stay the night and lets them go with Fearne to sightsee through the vast tree that is Ligament Manor. If there’s one thing this episode does well above all else, its proving the fact that just because something is whimsical doesn’t mean it isn’t also ominous. Or gross. Or terrifying. Let’s just say that we haven’t invented enough adjectives to describe Fearne’s childhood home.

Between statuary that might be living people, the liberal use of skin in decorating, and a collection so creepy I’d rather not describe, I can safely say I’m surprised Fearne is so well-adjusted. You’d think that seeing her childhood home would help us all understand Fearne better. But Nah. I really can’t say that I do. Still, I’m glad that our lovely, sweet-talking chaos gremlin is on the side of the proverbial angels, because I don’t think anyone in the party could survive Fearne if she went dark.

Crisis of faith

When the group bunks down for the evening, Imogen finally has a second to tell the Bells Hells exactly what happened when Da’Leth appeared (Critical Role 3×45). As much as she obviously dislikes Da’Leth, its clear she is having something of a crisis of faith. She’s not a religious person by any means– and in her ming, there’s no doubt the world almost ended when the gods went to war: maybe Da’Leth isn’t so wrong for wanting the destroy them altogether?

I don’t really think Imogen meant any of this. I think she’s conflicted about her mom working for Da’Leth, and hoping there is a valiant reason for it. What I did really like was Orym (and Ashton too) stepping up and shutting the talk down. It was needed. I mean we all know that if the Bells Hells were a crayon it would be called morally grey. Orym– in his soft-spoken Orym way– reminded them all that there is a real human cost to this conflict. 

Of dreams and portals

After that it’s to bed, but when Imogen sleeps, FCG and Laudna dream with her. Traveling as bodiless orbs of light, the two friends see what Imogen sees: this time, a red orb of light in the sky over the Fey. But the orb is a portal (a portal that is also somehow the moon?) that leads Imogen to her mother. Imogen sees a vast, deep pit with evidence of construction as well as an excavation of ancient buildings. 

They see a three pronged tower being dug out of the sandy earth, and at its base, a lavender-haired woman: Liliana. Though she has no physical form, Liliana senses that Imogen is there and casts a powerful spell that shoves Imogen and FCG out of the dream (Laudna jolts herself awake a second later). With Liliana clinging to her constant: you should be here, run, refrain, we all have to be wondering how far she has fallen. (eek!)

Swampland welcome

The next morning, the Bells Hells bid Grandma Morri goodbye and head out into Fey for the Unseelie Court. As they cross the wilderness, the hear the galloping of hooves. In a very Bells Hells fit of indecision they attempt to hide, but too late for FCG to get themself hidden well. Three centaurs appear, bows drawn, barking out something in elvish– which no one there can speak. When FCG casts a spell to let them understand elvish, one of the centaurs attack, and yeah. You know where this is going.

The centaurs, who sometimes work for the Unseelie Court, want to take the Bells Hells hostage and sell them. The Bells Hells said nope, and the fight was off and running. As much as I love centaurs, and feel like they are an underutilized creature in D&D, these ones were pretty outmatched by the Bells Hells. Ashton takes out two of them, while Imogen, Fearne and Laudna team up for a b*tches be witches moment to knock out the third.

And with that, the Bells Hells reach the boarder of the Unseelie Court…

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Critical Role Episode 46 Highlights

  • Dr. Nesbitt is my new favorite character. That’s it. That’s the highlight lololol.

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