‘The Good Doctor’ 6×10 recap: “Quiet and Loud”

Who’s ready for The Good Doctor 6×10? ME!!!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 10, “Quiet and Loud,” aired January 23, 2023.

Well, happy New Year — it’s time to get back into the drama that is The Good Doctor. The winter finale left off on some pretty heavy cliffhangers, so we are in for it with this episode. There were so many surprises, the good and the bad. Let’s dig in.

Things are looking up

Lim is back walking again with a cane, which means her surgery was a success. After three months, she also hasn’t accepted Clay’s proposal. Andrews and Lim meet with Daniel, who has been sober for a few months. They are putting him on probation as he gets on the right track back to sobriety. Today, Jordan is his supervisor on the case.

Lea has made it through the first trimester of her pregnancy. As her doctor is doing an ultrasound, she comes across a problem that could either go well or badly. For now, Lea will be put on bedrest. Of course, Shaun has a surgery he think could work. Glassman points out that the surgery could result in the loss of the baby. Ultimately, Lea decides to go with the surgery Shaun has proposed, and Shaun feels extremely up to task.

Park asks Morgan if she’s implanting her embryos, and she tells him they need boundaries. So, are they in this together or nah?

Overbearing instructions

Park, Jordan and Daniel’s patient’s stitches have torn open. Morgan comes in to tell Park that the patient’s small bowel has come in, but he’s unable to accept it with the recent issue. However, Morgan is not going to turn it down. Park offers to drive Morgan to her embryo appointment, but she’s insistent that she can do it alone. And she takes major offense to his offer. I mean, I get it from both sides — she’s very independent and Park just wants to help because he’s still in love with her.

While Lim, Glassman and Asher are operating, Shaun is on their case, and they are having enough of it. In the end, despite Shaun’s nitpicking, the surgery goes well. Asher comes in to update Lea, and everything is just fine. She wants to go home, but Shaun says she can’t go home quite yet. Asher tells Shaun that he’s being too overbearing, and that she needs her friends surrounding her. Same goes for Shaun.

Daniel suggests an option for their patient, but it’s something that hasn’t been done before. That sounds risky. The surgery will be replacing his abs, as well as his bowel. The patient agrees to the surgery. 

Go with your gut

Morgan sits down with their patient to tell him it’s his decision, his fight. He worries for his mom being alone when he eventually passes away. That’s so sad, and it’s so selfless. It’s why he wants to do the surgery, to help his mom for the future. His mom assures him that no matter what happens, she’ll be okay. 

Lea has internal bleeding, and Glassman tells Shaun he can’t be in the operating room. They need to make a decision based on medicine and not emotion. Their only option would lead to putting the baby’s life at risk. Outside of the operating room, Andrews finds Shaun detailing how to successfully do the surgery. 

Park and Morgan’s patient comes out of surgery. Park clarifies that he doesn’t want to help because he feels bad for her, but because he regrets not being part of it. She tells him he’s self-absorbed by making her journey about himself, and that makes her proud. HA! These two.

A work family

As Daniel is confessing his feelings to Jordan, Asher comes rushing in to tell Jordan Lea’s in major surgery. Along with Andrews, everyone comes to sit out in the hall with Shaun to offer support. I love this. Glassman comes out with good news: Lea AND the baby are going to be okay. Thank goodness. He tells Shaun his surgery saved her life.

Before Clay leaves, Lim tells him she wants to move forward with him. Though it’s not a ring, she proposes that he move in with her. And he accepts.

Turns out, Glassman is the one picking up Morgan for her appointment. Hmm that’s interesting. Also, that’s a nice house she’s got there! Back at the hospital, Lea realizes Shaun already knows whether they’re having a boy or girl. Turns out, they’re having a baby boy! Aw.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Again, Park and Morgan need to get back together. I can only take so much.
  • Asher bringing Lea magazines was so sweet.
  • Clay is the perfect match for Lim, but I definitely think the proposal was way too soon. 
  • Shaun telling Jordan that he can’t bring Lea to excessive laughter is so Shaun.
  • We stan Jordan’s optimism and good heart.
  • I really like what they’ve done are doing with Andrews character this season. He’s never been my fave, but I’m definitely warming up to him.

This episode had a lot of ups and downs, but it resulted in a happy ending for Shaun and Lea. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×10? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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