‘The Good Doctor’ 6×09 recap: “Broken or Not”

The Good Doctor 6×09 aka the winter finale. WE ARE NOT READY.

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 9, “Broken or Not,” aired December 12 2022.

Winter finale, people, I repeat, it’s the winter finale. So, obviously, it’s going to be an overwhelming episode. After last week’s heavy episode, I was hoping for something light, but I doubt that. Let’s see what happens next.

House hunting

Lea and Shauna are house hunting, which Shaun is right, it IS expensive. Even though the house needs some repairs, Lea insists that she can fix it up. Meanwhile, Lim and Clay are talking about an upcoming road trip, and she says she likes this life she has now. Good, Lim deserves to be happy. Speaking of relationships, Jordan and Daniel talk about “The Kiss.” He invites her over for a date…Asher needs to impart her with some of his advice.

Glassman and Shaun tells Lim that she has an opportunity to walk again. However, she still wants time to think about it. Shaun doesn’t need time to think about his new rating system for Danica vs. Daniel. As they’re operating on their patient, Shaun continues his “teaching.”

Park is at the gym, when his partner (also girlfriend’s(?!)) nose starts to bleed and she passes out. UM…I thought Parnick was going to happen? When she says she’s dating Park, Morgan gives him a questioning look. Same, Morgan, same. The team ends up operating on the woman.

“Just friends…” Mhmmm…

During the surgery, Asher and Jordan interrogate Park about his love life, especially regarding the state of whatever he has with Morgan. Just friends is never just friends, Park. Apparently, Morgan stopped by Lily’s hospital room to hype Park up. What’s her game here? 

Shaun deduces that his patient is bulimic. Though Shaun cleared him to go home, Daniel wants him to keep their patient at the hospital for a bit longer. Unfortunately, Shaun sticks to his discharge of his patient. When the patient’s brother comes to get him, Daniel urges him to tell the truth about his eating disorder. Glassman points out that Shaun’s new point system is merely a distraction after the bad news Lea and him received about conceiving a baby.

Hmm…turns out, Morgan sent the flowers to Lily on his behalf. She tells him that she needs him to move on, since the two of them already made a decision to not see one another. SIGH. He’s called back to Lily’s room where she is shaking uncontrollably. Then, Daniel rushes to the bathroom to see his patient passed out in a pool of his own blood.

Helpful, but maybe not so helpful

Shaun hands over part of the surgery to Daniel. Just as he’s about to operate, he hands it over to Danica. I wonder what that is about? The surgery is a success, but if he continues to purge, it will cause damage. Daniel tells the brother all he needs to do is love his brother, and that is the help he needs. After hearing that, Shaun decides to buy the house and fix it up to make Lea happy. Yet, she tells him they’ll find a house they both like…and also, they need to get her hand checked out.

Jordan and Asher watch as Morgan and Park, once again, argue over what to do with Lily. During Lily’s surgery, Morgan continues to offer advice. Also, did Asher just say Morgan and Park agreeing was hot? This guy is the real MVP. He gets it — we stan.

More concerns are placed on Lim, as she tells Clay about the surgery. Just as expected, she’s worried that the surgery would change them, but he assures her they’ll still be okay. Aw — this man better be IT.


Ultimately, Lim decides to have the surgery. There are no doubts, she tells them, which I am so glad for her. This is a big decision and step, and she deserves to be happy. You hear that, writers? She deserves happiness! WHAT?! Clay just proposes to her in the hospital bed, and he tells her that this is his commitment. Nothing will change. Wow.

Danica asks why Daniel handed over the surgery to her, but he doesn’t elaborate. Luckily for them, Shaun decides to retire his point system.

Lily points out that Park and Morgan don’t seem like they’re over each other. With that, she thanks him, and that is that. Yet he lets Morgan believe that they’re still together. NO. I literally was like this is it, they’re going to kiss, but he just lets her believe that? STOP IT. PARK, BROOOOOO.

As Lea is about to get a CT, the nurse tells her it needs to be rescheduled. Then she gets a paper and looks happy? Because she’s pregnant. Jordan arrives at Daniel’s house to see him passed out on the floor with a needle beside him. Oh no!


The Good Doctor 6×09 musings

  • Shaun and his dang notebook writing down the scores for Danica and Daniel. And the two residents are getting snippy with one another over it.
  • Lim is afraid to do the surgery because she’s happy with her life for the first time in a while. Seems like she’s nervous if she does the surgery, her happiness goes away.
  • Listen, I love the angst, I do, but Morgan and Park, get it together and get together. 
  • Asher and Jordan watching Morgan and Park argue is killing me. HAHA.
  • What’s up with everyone not working with lights on? Give me the overhead light, a lamp and the brightness of my laptop up, please and thanks.

Wow…though The Good Doctor 6×09 started a bit slow, the ending gave us a whole lot of cliffhangers to hold on to until the end of January. Information overload there! What did you think of the winter finale? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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