‘The Good Doctor’ 6×08: “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Welcome to December, and welcome to The Good Doctor 6×08 recap!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 8, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” aired December 5 2022.

Last episode was a little too sweet and hopeful, so obviously, we are probably in for some sob fest this week. Lim’s romantic life is looking up; Morgan and Park are making amends; and unfortunately, Shaun and Lea received some upsetting news about starting a family. Let’s see what happens this week!

Bread crumbing

Lim’s recent development with her boyfriend is actually going great for her. Meanwhile, as Asher says, Daniel is “bread crumbing” Jordan, which he might not be too far off. But also, when you crush, YOU CRUSH HARD. Jordan asks Daniel about “bread crumbing,” and his answer is not clear, I can’t lie.

A woman comes into the hospital, seemingly in a daze and covered in bruises and scratches. Park says she’s bleeding from her spleen and needs surgery stat. Daniel states that their patient is a user. Jordan then tells them that she thinks their patient was raped. Oh gosh. When Morgan tells her, the patient tells her it’s not possible. That she was with her friend, who wouldn’t have let her get hurt.

Asher brings up the elephant in the room about Shaun’s relationship with Lim. Shaun is quick to say their professional relationship makes sense, since they’re colleagues. 

Who’s fault?

Shaun and Asher’s patient has a surgical towel that was left behind during a surgery. As the woman is arguing with her wife that she was one of the nurses during her surgery and let this happen, she goes unconscious. They deduce the infection has gotten worse, but they’re unable to complete the surgery yet again. After an unsuccessful consult with Lim, Shaun goes to Glassman for his consultation. Of course, Glassman agrees to take a look.

Morgan asks about the rape kit, and Jordan tells her the patient doesn’t want to do it. However, Morgan is persistent that she have the rape kit done. The woman wakes up screaming, flashes of the night going through her mind that she believes are nightmares. Thankfully, Morgan tends to her carefully and sees that the spleen repair didn’t work.

Park tells his patient that they’ll have to remove her spleen, due to a condition she has. The woman says something may have happened, but that doesn’t change her mind about the rape kit. With that, she gives the green light to do the surgery.

Decisions, decisions

Shaun tells the patient’s wife she must make the decision to remove the woman’s uterus. However, their patient has dreamed of carrying a child, but she tells Shaun and Asher to go forward with their surgery. Glassman goes to Lim about her brushing Shaun off — that the situation is toxic. I agree, it is toxic. When Glassman finds Shaun again, he insists Glassman scrub in so he can assist with the surgery. During surgery, Shaun comes to the conclusion that they may be able to save the woman’s uterus, but Glassman tells him to stick to his plan.

Park tells Morgan that their patient asked for Morgan to be removed from the case. Morgan goes to the patient to apologize and tells her she never did a rape kit, and she’s lived with that regret. Morgan tells the woman she never told anyone about the man who raped her. The flashbacks were actually of Morgan. Poor Morgan — this is so upsetting. The woman comes to the conclusion that it was her friend, and when Park and Jordan come to get her for surgery, she tells them “not yet.”

When Glassman goes to Shaun after the surgery, Shaun is visibly shaken. Once again, the elephant in the room is brought up: Lim. Again, Shaun says they have a professional relationship, but Glassman is quick to shut that down. He tells Shaun he needs to talk to Lim about everything. However, Shaun is not agreeable to that suggestion. 

A hard decision

Morgan’s patient does end up doing the rape kit. This poor woman. There are so many scummy, awful people out there. After the surgery, Park tells Morgan it went well. Park asks Morgan why she never told him about the man who raped her, and she says she didn’t want pity. I love how Park still supports Morgan, even though things didn’t end amicably for them. He’s there to support her and be brave for her. 

Asher reveals to their patient that they had to remove her uterus. When she asks about different options, her wife tells her that she made the decision because she wanted her to survive. The woman is upset, but she reassures her wife that she wants her by her side because she loves her.

Shaun does end up going to Lim and apologizes, that he didn’t know the consequences of his decision. He didn’t want to see her hurt or worse like he did with his brother. Lim reassures Shaun that she’s happy, but there are hints of anger still. I want them to be friends again, and it seems like they will be!

The Good Doctor 6×08 musings

  • I’m not familiar with San Jose weather, but there’s no way it gets that cold, right? Like, I live in Chicago, I know cold.
  • Asher was right — the interactions between Lim and Shaun are just awkward and cold.
  • Ever blunt, Shaun.
  • Nurse V standing up to Andrews like that was IMPRESSIVE. He did make a promise to his patient.
  • I think Shaun is feeling guilty and that’s causing him to need Glassman’s assistance.
  • Good for Jordan — she shouldn’t have to wait around for Daniel. It isn’t fair to her.
  • Is Andrews going to date Nurse V now? I kinda ship it!
  • Daniel just kissing Jordan and then telling her he doesn’t know…c’mon, man. 
  • Lim will be able to walk again?! I hope so.

This was a very heavy episode. And next week is the winter finale already. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×08? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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