‘Critical Role’ 3×39 and 3×40 recaps

The Bells Hells start a new journey beneath the glare of Ruidus on 'Critical Role'

Critical Role 3×39 recap: Campaign 3, Episode 39 “The Momentum of Murder” Aired November 3, 2022 and ‘Critical Role 3×40, Campaign 3, Episode 40, “Compulsions” Aired November 10, 2022


The Bells Hells, still reeling from the death of Lord Eshteross, decide to report his murder to the authorities. (I know, right? Our chaos gremlins have come soooo far! Sniff!) So naturally, they immediately come under suspicion. Luckily everyone manages to keep their cool and it ends up being little trouble to clear their names. Laudna even made a new friend in the form of an intensely creepy Grave Mystic… because Laudna really needs more creepiness in her life (not life?) Regardless, I do wonder if the Mystic could help Laudna figure out what she is now that Delilah is apparently gone. But that mystery will have to wait.

Investigating Ruidus

The next day, the Bells Hells head up to the sky port and claim their inheritance– namely Eshteross’ sky ship (Critical Role 3×38). There is still a deep feeling that they’re missing a huge chunk of the picture, information that they may be able to discover in Yios. The hope is that the university there will have information pertaining to the red moon Ruidus, why the flares occur, what the spectral cage around the moon is all about, and what Otohan is actually trying to do. (No big deal.)

Of course Captain Xandis is all for the trek, they love the madness that is the Bells Hells, and the crew is getting paid either way. After a bit of shopping to gather their gear, the Bells Hells opt to once more brave the skies over the Hellcatch Valley before entering the Gloomed Jungle and eventually Yios. The journey should take 11 days… should. But traversing the Hellcatch Valley is always dangerous. A storm and several beast attacks later, the Bells Hells are whole, yes, but their journey is definitely taking longer than usual.

So naturally that’s when Ruidus comes out to play….

Ruidus flares and fights

Chetney is on the deck of the ship with Orym and Fearne when Ruidus flares in the night sky. Chetney shifts into his werewolf form, his mind clouded and all but lost to the moon’s influence. In this state of madness, he attacks Orym and Fearne. The two of them manage to fight him off until the flare ends and he’s able to regain control. But its clear that whatever Ruidus is, it could spell disaster for the old werewolf.

Imogen, meanwhile, is pulled into a dream– or a nightmare– but Imogen isn’t the timid young thing she was when the campaign began. She sees someone in the storm, and at first she thinks its Laudna… but no. It’s Imogen’s mother, Liliana. Imogen tries to reach her, but can’t fight through the storm. Even when she flies, up and up, trying to reach the moon.

The flare ends. Imogen plummets back to the earth. And awakens… to send a message to her mother.

Liliana’s warning

It’s the first time Imogen has ever cast the sending spell to her mother, and I hate to say she probably hoped for a hell of a lot more than she got. Though Imogen begs her mother to tell her where she is, all Liliana says in reply is to run. Run far and run fast– stay away from her destiny. Whatever the fork that means. Feeling twelve kinds of frustrated, Imogen tells Laudna everything and they head up on deck for some fresh air. Only to find that three of their friends were just in a bloody fight thanks to Ruidus forcing Chetney to wolf out. 

As they all share the events of the evening, it once again becomes clear that every single member of the Bells Hells is a threat– possibly with the exception of Orym, which clearly frustrates him. Ashton seeks Orym out later and gives Orym a chance to let things off his chest. After all, being forced into the role of the ‘good one’ is a lot of pressure, especially for a newly-formed adventuring party. Ashton tells Orym to reach out if he needs help. And in a way, Orym does. Using the sending stone, he messages Dorian. (Can’t wait for the answer!!)

The Gloomed Jungle

With the unpredictable influence of Ruidus overhead, it makes sense that Chetney would want to make a brief layover in the Gloomed Jungle. There is a secluded band of lycans in the jungle that Chetney wants to make contact with. It’s rare to find other lycans, and if they can help Chetney control himself, it seems worth the time. 

Howling into the trees, Chetney and the rest of the Bells Hells are met by a band of lycans and, after a bit of sweet-talking, are taken (blindfolded) to their village. The leader, Annaline, tries to convince Chutney that if he’s truly looking to fully control his beast form, he will need to stay for weeks, if not months or years, but Chetney obviously doesn’t have time for that. The solstice is coming and he can’t leave his friends. 

Annaline thinks over this for a while, and eventually comes up with a solution. The lycans here worship a spirit called Sahyaadon, a protecter of both the hunter and the prey. If Chetney travels to his temple and beseeches the spirit, Sahyaadon may grant Chetney the wisdom he needs.

Or kill him.

So, you know, it’s a typical Thursday on Critical Role!

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Critical Role 3×39 and 3×40 Highlights

  • We got to see the Greenseekers again!!! I love these seasoned investigators. Any time we get to see them, I’m all for it. Buuuuut I’m very worried that they were too afraid of Otohan Thull to join the fight. That really can’t be good. 
  • More Captain Xandis!!!!! They kind of remind me of a more chilled out version of Molly from Critical Role Campaign 2.
  • I know it a super common thing in a lot of story telling, but I reaaaallllly hate the nebulous ‘run, Imogen’ warning that Imogen’s mother gave. Like, come on, mom. Form a full sentence. 
  • Dorian Storm actor, Robbie Daymond is going to record his reply to Orym’s message for the next episode, and  I can’t wait!! I really want Robbie back at the table, he really added something wonderful to the group. 

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