‘The Good Doctor’ 6×07 recap: “Boys Don’t Cry”

Ready for The Good Doctor 6×07?

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 7, “Boys Don’t Cry,” aired November 28, 2022.

Last week’s episode brought upon a realization from Morgan as well as some ever-present tension between Danica and Shaun. Tension all day, every day. Nobody is surprised by this, though. Let’s dig into a new episode!

Baby time

It’s been a year since Lea and Shaun lost the baby, and they are ready to try again. At the hospital, Andrews comes face-to-face with his ex-wife. I’m not sure we’ve ever met her; nor did I know she was also a doctor. She’s come to the hospital with a woman who’s pregnant with sextuplets, and she needs his help…well, his surgeons’ help. Everyone’s in the operating room, helping deliver the babies. All babies have been delivered, and Lim is performing the exit surgery. 

Andrews has Park and Morgan work together, which should be interesting, considering they both tried to get out of it. In fact, they both argue about the other not being assertive enough to not work with one another. Glassman seems to be annoyed with his partner, Jordan, who is narrating the procedure. Unfortunately, they come across a problem with the baby they’re tending to — she’s in early heart failure. The mom insists Jordan do what she can to save the baby. Five of the babies are in the NICU, but one baby is allowed to meet her mom.

As they’re working together, Park asks Morgan if she’s on Tinder. She snaps at him that she’s looking at donors. He asks her if the donors she’s looking through are organ donors to finally get a heart. Ouch, Park. However, she tells him she’s looking for sperm donors.

Reconnection and disconnections

The husband and wife were high school sweethearts separated. Speaking of reconnection or disconnection, Park asks if Morgan is ready to be a single mother. She’s offended, which yea, I would’ve been too. However, I think his train of thought comes from somewhere else…like lingering feelings. In fact, Park keeps grilling Morgan about how much she knows about any of the donors. And then he drops a shocking offer: he’ll be the sperm donor. OHHHHHHHHH.

At Lea’s appointment, the doctor has some bad news for the couple: they may never be able to conceive a child. Aw. That’s really sad. Daniel asks Shaun if he’s okay after the appointment, to which he says he’s not. It’s good to see Shaun opening up to his coworkers.

Glassman is upset with Jordan for mentioning miracles to the mother. I’ve always appreciated Jordan’s optimism. Unfortunately, Glassman doesn’t appreciate her optimism and tells her to just be a doctor.

Miracles, baby

Mysterious doctor man (totally missed his name) brought dinner for Lim at the hospital. Listen, this guy better be decent to her. So far, he seems decent enough, but you never know. Meanwhile, Asher confesses to Jerome that he doesn’t want any kids, but Jerome always envisioned he’d have a family. One of the baby starts to crash, but as soon as Jerome starts to sing to her, she ends up fine. That was sweet.

Morgan tells Park it’d hurt too much to see him when she looked at her child. But she is thankful for his offer. I’m glad they’re finally talking to each other again, even if it may not be perfect. Park agrees with her sentiment — it would be too hard not to be part of her and the baby’s lives. STOP IT. Is this going to happen? I think it will happen.

Thankfully, all babies seem to be doing okay so far. In fact, the next day, Andrews announces all six babies are going home. They did it after all! The mom even names the baby after Glassman and Jordan.

More of The Good Doctor 6×07 musings

  • I guess Park and Morgan are only going to talk to one another on a medical conversational basis. Oh boy.
  • Ah I’m so glad the doctor Lim met at the basketball game asked her out! Danica is right — she needs to give him a chance.
  • I got to say, Park offering to be Morgan’s sperm donor came out of left field. I knew there were some feelings still there, but I was not expecting it. Yet, I was.
  • Aw, I am so happy for Lim.
  • Glassman is being too hard on Jordan.
  • The looks Morgan and Park are giving each other!
  • The fact that Morgan asked Park to breakfast is foreshadowing that they’re getting back together. Or I’m just reading into it.
  • Asher coming around to the idea of having kids…aw.

That was a really sweet episode. There were some sad moments, but there were some really sweet moments. Like the possible Morgan and Park reconnection… What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×07? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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