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‘The Winchesters’ 1×06: “Art of Dying” review

The Winchesters 1×06, Season 1, Episode 6, “Art of Dying” aired November 22, 2022 on The CW

Remember when Sam and Dean would have those super deep chats and it would rip our hearts out – now we know where they got their emotional depth from. This episode doesn’t have a ton of Akrida stuff happening, but the feeling are very big and we love to see it.

We get a glimpse into what makes Lata tick, what makes Carlos’ heart flutter and see Mary and John’s bond grow deeper. Here’s what went down on The Winchesters 1×06.

Chill Man 

Lata and Carlos telling John Winchester that he needs to meditate and/or go to therapy is pretty great. He does eventually join Lata in a brief meditation, but knowing what we know about John, it’s safe to say that “finding peace” is not going to be something he sticks with for long.

In Supernatural, John becomes obsessed with hunting Yellow Eyes with little regard for anything else after he loses Mary. We are starting to see glimpses of that obsessive hunting behavior even now with his lack of chill about the Akrida. Staying motivated is good, but we are will Carlos and Lata on this one – balance is key. 

Retired Hunter

Leaving the life of a hunter is a rarity and this episode really drives that point home. The victim of the super creepy episode opening was found in the barn of a retired hunter that used to hunt with Mary’s mom. The idea of someone actually being able to leave the hunter life was like a dream to Mary before this, but it’s clear that they can never really leave it all behind. It always comes back to haunt you and in this case, it will LITERALLY haunt you. 

The Winchesters — “Art of Dying” — Image Number: WHS10b_0080r — Pictured: Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell — Photo: XXX/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Where do I belong? 

Lata has always shown why she is a key member of this team with her research and vast monster knowledge, but she is starting to question her place as a non-hunting hunter. She doesn’t know it yet, but being a hunter who knows all the things and gives advice is a key job in the hunter world. Just think about where Sam and Dean would be without Bobby and his constant help. She is a treasure. 

New Ship Alert 

Lata can’t identify a claw that they found in the barn so she and Carlos take a trip to a local expert that catches Carlos’ eye. Anton isn’t in much of this episode, but we are all in on this ship already. He is quirky and fits right in with the vibe of the team. Who do we need to talk to about getting Anton on the team full-time because YES!

The Monster 

They identify the monster and it’s a rare vampire that Tracy had encountered on her last hunt, but it’s not that simple. Tracey finally admits that she killed one of her fellow hunters and now he is vengeful spirit using the body of a monster to go after her. Wild! Is this why hunters stopped hanging out with other hunters? 

John and Mary’s paths 

John is worried that Mary is going to get killed in a hunt and Mary is worried that John is pushing himself to hard. For someone who is so worried about Mary ending up a victim of the hunt, John sure doesn’t seem to have that same worry about himself. And it’s beyond heartbreaking to watch these conversations about Mary’s future when we know what we know. 

The Winchesters — “Art of Dying” — Image Number: WHS106b_0389r — Pictured: Drake Rodger as John Winchester — Photo: XXX/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


To top off all of the chaos and worry about John, he went and got himself possessed by the dang vengeful spirit! It’s hard to see Mary and John fighting, but we have to say – Drake Rodger is crushing it as the evil spirit of a murdered hunter. It was only one scene, but we’d like to see more of that please! 

Lata’s contribution 

Lata may not have the punching skills, but she is still a fighter. When she tries to stop Tracy from shooting a possessed John she shares the story of her traumatic childhood and how she broke the cycle and found peace. She tries to help the ghost do the same. (A literal angel!) It really brings the whole episode full circle as she pleads with the ghost possessing John to find some peace.

The ghost heard her and made a change, the question remains whether or not John will do the same. He does join her in meditation and – EXCUSE ME – did anyone else notice a little flirty flirt happening there with Lata and John? The drama! It’s like the romance novels that Carlos borrows from Tracy and it’s delightful! 

What did you think of The Winchesters 1×06? Let us know your thoughts! 

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